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Toyoko Inn is a hotel chain from Japan, with many hotels in Japan and Korea. Each hotel has a reference number, which could be referenced back to the main company website.

I am not affiliated with Toyoko Inn, but I enjoy staying in their hotels. I would like to collect the whole set of hotels within OSM.

This page is also useful for anyone who wants to see what kind of useful information we can collect for any hotel or hotel chain.

How to map

Place a node on the map at the location of the hotel, or draw a way representing the outline of the hotel building. Tag the node or way with tourism=hotel. If you draw the building outline, tag with building=yes.

The most useful tags are name=*, operator=*, website=* and ref=*.

General tags

The operator for this chain is Toyoko Inn

operator=Toyoko Inn

All Toyoko Inn hotels have a reference number. It's on the front of the hotel:


Phone numbers

phone=+95 825 1045
fax=+95 825 1046



Toyoko Inn usually has internet access in each room:


Hotels in Japan

Tag with the full name of the hotel in Japanese and English:

name=東横INN長崎駅前 (Toyoko Inn Nagasaki Ekimae)
name:en=Toyoko Inn Nagasaki Ekimae

Japanese addresses are difficult. The postcode is very useful.


Hotels in Korea

Tag with the full name of the hotel in Korean and English:

name=토요코인 서울동대문 (Toyoko Inn Seoul Dongdaeumun)
name:en=Toyoko Inn Seoul Dongdaeumun
name:ko=토요코인 서울동대문

The building should have an address plaque attached. Tag with the number and street name (in Korean only):