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JOSM'da Kendi Yolunu Oluşturma

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Beginners' Guide

Note: Colours may be different as JOSM allows you to change the display colours
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Note: Colours link to the coloured text in the instructions

1. Use the Create tool and click to place nodes. Way-segments will link the nodes (shortcut = 'a').
* To create just nodes press Esc after every added node to unselect all and hold down Ctrl while clicking at the next position.
* To create a way leading on from another way or from a node, select the node (shortcut = 's'), then create (shortcut = 'a').
2. Move the way around, or move individual nodes by selecting them first, so it's where you want it (shortcut = 's').
3. Tag the way with the appropriate tag for its type. Tags are added in the Properties section (Opens in side bar; alt-p). The Properties section lists current tags within the current selection. The way should change colour to indicate when it is tagged.

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