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Thank you!

Now that you've made your contribution to OpenStreetMap, the data you add to OpenStreetMap improves the free world map for everyone, whether it's a small correction or thousands of roads added over time. Thank you for making OpenStreetMap just that much better!

See your work

See your changes at

Your edits will appear on OpenStreetMap's main map within a few minutes, but for non-standard layers may take longer.

Use the data on a smartphone

Many OSM-based navigation apps are available for Android and iPhone.

Alternative services

Your changes will propagate to the many other services based on OpenStreetMap data, and be available for other editors to improve upon.

Using OpenStreetMap data isn't limited to static maps at!

  • Use OpenStreetMap - including ready-to-use software for your mobile phone or desktop. We have a variety of approaches.
  • Using OpenStreetMap - custom rendering, offline maps, and custom styles
  • Develop page for all software that can be written based on OSM's dataset.