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Beginners' Guide

The Potlatch editor will upload changes to the server when you save. It will also automatically update the view (in case someone else is simultaneously editing in the same area) when ever you pan around.

If you are using an offline editor, such as JOSM, you will need to sync your changes with the server before they take effect:

  1. Re-download the area you have edited. This checks that the area you have been working on has not been altered by somebody else in the time you have been editing.
  2. If there are conflicts, compare them and pick which one you think is correct. Conflicts can be viewed in the side bar section, opened with alt-c. You should be informed when conflicts occur.
  3. Upload your changes.

  • Q: How often should I upload?
  • A: The longer you space your uploads apart, the greater the chance that somebody else will edit the same area. It is best to upload changes every few minutes. Apart from that, it is always good to save often in case your computer or program crashes.

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