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Uploading your changes to OSM

Most editors will prompt you to enter changeset comment:

  • iD
  • Potlatch
  • JOSM among many tools on changesets, additionally exposes manual handling of conflicts
    • If you haven't uploaded your data longer than several hours or days, you may want to update your data using update tools Update Data Update selection Update modified to lower chance of conflict. You cannot avoid conflict if data modified by you was quickly altered by someone else before you uploaded your changes.
    • (optional) more materials on conflict handling in JOSM: [1] [2]

Testing your changes before upload

If you like, you can load your changes into another OSM-based application to perform testing beyond whatever is possible in your editor, so if you find problems, you can fix them before uploading. There's no general expectation that contributors do this; it's understood that contributors will sometimes make mistakes and they can be fixed later as needed.

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