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Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
highway motorway way A restricted access major divided highway, normally with 2 or more running lanes plus emergency hard shoulder. Equivalent to the Freeway, Autobahn etc. Rendering-highway motorway neutral.png 20190825 Autostrada A4 w Krakowie 0957 5675 DxO.jpg
highway trunk way Roads with 2x2 lanes, divided by a raised section. No bicycles or pedestrians are allowed. Rendering-highway trunk neutral.png Dscf0444 600.jpg
highway primary way Nx or Nxx roads. Rendering-highway primary neutral.png
highway secondary way Nxxx roads (and important and very busy non-N roads) Rendering-highway secondary neutral.png Highway secondary-photo.jpg
highway tertiary way Non-N roads that are fairly busy. These generally have (dashed) white lines down the center. Also important roads in a city center. Rendering-highway tertiary neutral.png Highway tertiary-photo.jpg
highway residential way Residential roads with houses or other buildings besides. Two cars can pass normally. Rendering-highway residential.png Residential.jpg
highway unclassified way Rural roads. Usually bordered by fields/farms and potentially some houses. "1,5" lanes road (two cars have some difficulty passing). Rendering-highway unclassified.png
highway unsurfaced way An unpaved unclassified road (without a hardened surface). They are still intended for general use (unlike a track). Unsurfaced.JPG
highway track way Unpaved/unsealed roads for agricultural use; gravel roads in the forest etc. Rendering-highway track.png