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Motion for an Automated Edit in Rostock and surrounding.


I have used a variation of the "Lübecker Methode" in the past to map cycle ways in and around Rostock. This has worked fine for me so far. However , the current tagging method is creating double reportings for many tags. For example cycleway:bicycle=designated on a highway=road and bicycle=designated on a parallel highway=cycleway. This is visualized by certain renderes like and it's IMO not a bug in their coding, but a problem in the data.

Recently I have been working on a [url=]new scheme[/url] for tagging cycle way (and other ways) that is potentially safer for data consumers and mappers but aims mostly on resolving tagging disputes.

In addition, I'd like to change how I store the Information that a way is a sidepath.


My goal is not to promote my proposal, but to resolve the tagging problem.


Using JOSM this will be a one time edit with one change sets:

Filter for
highway=primary/primary_link/secondary/secondary_link/tertairy/tertairy_link/unclassified/residential and cycleway:(right/left/both)=sidepath
and prefix all cycleway:(right/left/both):*=* with adjecent:=*
Then replace
adjecent:cycleway:(right/left/both)=sidepath with adjecent:cycleway:(right/left/both)=track

highway=secondary => highway=secondary
cycleway:right=sidepath => adjecent:cycleway:right=track
cycleway:right:bicycle=designated => adjecent:cycleway:right=designated
cycleway:right:segregated=no => adjecent:cycleway:right=no
cycleway:right:oneway=no => adjecent:cycleway:right=no

The same will be done for footway / sidewalk.