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German version of this page: User:John07/De:middle tag

In Germany we have a lot of highway=tracks that have 2 ruts/tyre tracks with one surface and the middle with another surface.
For example, here [1]we have surface=gravel on the left and the right and in the middle we have surface=grass.

My tagging suggestion:

  • The normal surface tag for the ruts/tyre tracks, e.g. surface=gravel
  • A new tag called surface:middle=* for the surface in the middle, e.g. surface:middle=grass.
  • If a renderer/application does not support the surface:middle=* tag, we have a easy fallback to the normal surface tag. This is also enough for the most car routing applications for example, because the car only drives on the 2 ruts/tyre tracks on the left and the right.
  • The values for surface:middle=* are the same like for surface=*.

Some tagging examples:

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