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Educational facilities or educational institutions are establishments that provides educational services like courses, trainings, lectures etc.


Образовательные услуги могут быть основными для учреждения (в таком случае используйте тег education=*) или дополнительными (указывайте с помощью education_service:*=yes). Теги указываются на линии контура территории принадлежащей организации. В случае если точная граница неизвестна теги можно указать на точке располагающейся примерно внутри этой территории. В случае сложной конфигурации территории можно воспользоваться отношением type=education. In the case when educational services are primary for institution use education=* and if they are additional then use education_service:*=yes. Tags should be added on the polygon encompassing the territory of the facility. When exact outline could not be determined place tags on the point in the possible center of facility. In the case of complex geometry relation use type=education relation.

Types of educational institutions

There are various types of educational institution which could or could not be part of state education system. Tag education=* specifies role of the institution in educational system. Basic values of this tags are listed in the table below. Note that the set of values could be different for different education systems. For example, in educational system of USA instead of the single tag education=school it is possible to use education=elementary_school and education=high_school for two types of schools. For the values specific for local educational systems see this page

Тег Описание
education=kindergarten Places where preschool children spend day time and get education while their parents at work. In case when there is no education services use amenity=daycare instead.
education=school Institutions that educate children of ages from 7 to 18. They usually provide primary and/or secondary education.
education=college Institutions that provide vocational training. For higher education institutions use education=university.
education=university Higher education institutions.
education=subdivision This tag is used for subdivisions of educational institutions like departments, schools (e.g. law schools in universities) etc. Such subdivisions are not independent and are considered as a part of the main institution.
education=courses Is used for a small education institutions. The main difference of such institutions from others is sharing classes and buildings with other much bigger institutions while formally being independent from them. It could be driving, language, dance or other courses.
education=center Institutions that do not have exact role in education system or even do not belong to any educational system. Apart from previous value, such institutions are bigger and have their own territory and buildings. They provide more various education as well.
education=exercise_area Training grounds, exercise areas and other places where students can improve their practical skills. Military and police forces as well as firefighters use such facilities for training.
education=laboratory Educational laboratories for students to improve their laboratory working skills or to conduct experiments for educational purpose.
education=test_center Test centers provides testing services. They usually do not provide educational services themselves. See education_service:testing=yes below.

Educational system

This key specifies educational system of the educational facility. Educational institution could have several educational systems or even none (in that case this tag is omitted). Note that even if facility is private it could belong to state educational system. You could add new educational systems in the table below.

Тег Описание
education_system:ISO-3166_standart=yes Educational system based on state educational standards. Put country code instead of ISO-3166, e.g. education_system:us_standart=yes for USA.
education_system:waldorf=yes Waldorf education.
education_system:monitorial=yes Monitorial System.
education_system:montessori=yes Montessori education.
education_system:religious=yes Religious education system. Such system usually co-exists with state education system or sometimes could be main and only education system in country. Base of such educational system is religious views and values, so students are educated from the point of view of certain religion. Note that such institutions could have wide education profile and teach subjects other than religious like math, music, history etc. Use education_profile:*=yes to specify education profile and religion=* + denomination=* for religion of the institution.

Educational services

Educational services provided by the institution could be tagged with education_service:*=yes. Main values of the tag shown in the table below:

Тег Описание
education_service:training=yes Most general tag to indicate that facility provides educational services. Tag education=* always implies education_service:training=yes, so use this tag only for institutions that provide education as an additional service, e.g. for massage parlor massage is main service and education is only additional.
education_service:practical_training=yes Implies that establishment provides only practical education without theory.
education_service:lectures=yes Implies that establishment provides only theoretical education without practice.
education_service:testing=yes Testing services. For standard tests like TOEFL, GRE, GMAT etc use standart_testing:*=yes (e.g. standart_testing:toefl=yes for TOEFL).

Additional tags

Education profile

education_profile:*=yes specifies educational profile of institution. There could be several subjects that educational establishment specifies in, in that case add tag education_profile:*=yes for each subject. Main values are shown in the table below, but you can add other tags, e.g. for specialty in chemistry use education_profile:chemistry=yes. Try to use tag with the most exact meaning, for example for musical school use education_profile:music=yes instead of education_profile:art=yes. In some cases certain education_profile:*=yes is implied (schools usually provide general education for example), so you can omit this tag.

Тэг Описание
education_profile:general=yes General education is unspecialized education when all subjects are taught equally.
education_profile:professional=yes Vocational education is education for specific activity or profession. E.g. firefighter training, carpentry training etc.
education_profile:sport=yes Sport education. Use sport=* to specify which particular sport is taught.
education_profile:art=yes Education in the certain field of art.
education_profile:religion=yes Education of some aspects of certain religion like history, main figures, holy scripts, rituals etc. In the case when several religions are taught use exact denominations names in tag, e.g. education_profile:jewish_orthodox_ashkenaz=yes + education_profile:jewish_orthodox_sefard=yes for two jewish orthodox denominations. Note that this tag specifies only specialty of the institution. Religious educational establishments usually have more various educational profile than just religious specialty, so add other tags of this group. To indicate the fact that institution is a part of religious education system use education_system:religious=yes.
education_profile:special=yes Special needs education. Usually combined with social_facility=*.

Education stage

Use education_level:*=yes to specify levels of education on which institution tech its students. Different educational systems use different sets of education stages, see User:Keder/education_proposal/local_systems.

Тэг Описание
education_level:preschool=yes Preschool education.
education_level:primary=yes Primary education.
education_level:secondary=yes Secondary education.
education_level:higher=yes Higher education.

Educational programs

You can specify educational programs taught in the establishment with education_program:*=yes. You should use name of the program, not the specialty. For example, for program that trains nuclear physicists use education_program:nuclear_physics=*, for welder education_program:welding=*. Main difference from education_profile:*=yes is that education_program:*=yes is a specific educational program, while education_profile:*=yes points what kind of education student can get there.

For list of programs see this page.


For a higher education you can specify what degree student can get in the institution. E.g for pharmacy bachelor it would be education_degree:bachelor:pharmacy=yes.

Tag Description
education_degree:bachelor:*=yes Bachelor
education_degree:master:*=yes Master
education_degree:phd:*=yes Doctor of Philosophy

Forms of education

education_form:*=yes specifies type of attendance of students for educational program.

Тэг Описание
education_form:fulltime:*=yes Fulltime education. Lectures and other activities take place during day time and students usually are not supposed to combine work and education.
education_form:parttime:*=yes Part-time education. Lectures takes place in evening hours and during the weekends so students could combine work and education. Lecture hours are usually decreased comparing with fulltime education.
education_form:external:*=yes External education. Most of education is self-education, lecture hours are minimum or absent and student attend institution only for testing and exams.
education_form:distance:*=yes Distance education. Student uses online materials and tests for learning. Student attendance in school does not requred.

E.g. fulltime education for radio engineering education_form:fulltime:radio_engineering=yes. If all education in establishment is, for example, fulltime, you can use only first and second part of the key education_form:fulltime=yes.

Education for

To indicate which groups of people could attend institution use education_for:*=yes. Main variants are shown in the table below.

key value Description
education_for:child children (4-11 years)
education_for:adolescent adolescents (12-19 years)
education_for:adult adults (20 years and above)
education_for:senior senior (60 years and above)
education_for:boy boys (males below 20)
education_for:girl girls (females below 20)
education_for:man adult men (above 20)
education_for:woman adult women (above 20)
education_for:male males of any age (same as education_for:boy=yes + education_for:man=yes)
education_for:female males of any age (same as education_for:girl=yes + education_for:woman=yes)
education_for:ages to specify age needed for admission. E.g. education_for:ages=6-8, 21-25 for enrollees of ages 6 to 8 and 21 to 25.
education_for:disabled peoples with disabilities
education_for:orphan orphans

Other tags

For boarding schools use boarding=yes. If males and females are taught separately use single_gender_education=yes. If school has only some grades of education use education_grades=*. For example if students in school attends only 5 to 9 grades tag education_grades=5-9.


Typical kindergarten

Tags on the outline of the kindergarten territory:
amenity=kindergarten for compatibility with the old scheme
education=kindergarten main tag
education_system:de_standart=yes "de" means Germany, just for example
education_profile:general=yes kindergarten has no specialiazation
education_level:preschool=yes provides preschool education
education_for:ages=3-7 you can specify age for children to be allowed to attend, not required

Typical school

Tags on the outline of the school territory:
amenity=school for compatibility with the old scheme
education=school main tag
education_system:de_standart=yes "de" means Germany, just for example
education_profile:general=yes school has no specialiazation
education_level:primary=yes provides both primary education...
education_level:secondary=yes...and secondary education
education_form:fulltime=yes daytime school
education_for:ages=6-18 you can specify age for children to be allowed to attend, not required

Professional college

College educates carpenters and joiners
amenity=college for compatibility with the old scheme
education=college main tag
education_system:de_standart=yes "de" means Germany, just an example
education_profile:professional=yes college provides only vocational training
education_level:secondary=yes provides secondary education
education_program:joinery=yes trains joiners
education_program:carpentry=yes trains carpenters
education_form:fulltime=yes student can attend college fulltime
education_form:parttime=yes or combine education with work

Driving school/courses

education=courses main tag
education_system:de_standart=yes "de" means Germany, just for example
education_profile:driving=yes states that it is driving courses
education_program:driving_licence:eu_b=yes indicates that courses provides training for "a" category of European driving license
education_form:parttime=yes students can attend courses after work

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