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Who - Where - Why

My first name is Didier. I live near Mons in Belgium. I strongly support free software. I am member of LoLiGrUB. I use a GPS IGN Evadeo USHUAIA and a GPS datalogger mobile action i-gotU GT-200e. I map around Mons and Borinage, and occasionally anywhere i travel(led).

(fr) Mon prénom est Didier. Je vis près de Mons en Belgique. J'utilise et recommande les logiciels libres. Je suis membre de l'association LoLiGrUB. J'utilise un GPS IGN Evadeo USHUAIA ainsi qu'un enregistreur de trace mobile action i-gotU GT-200e. Je cartographie aux environs de Mons, et occasionnellement partout où je circule.

(nl) Opmerking voor de vlaams gebruikers : mijn nederlands is helaas niet goed om actief aan vlaanderen kaart deel te nemen. Maar ik vind het interessant om te kijken, bijvoorbeeld voor Leuven !

Survey points in Belgium - Points géodésiques en Belgique

The geodetic network is maintained by Institut Géographique National (belge). Data sheets are available from website, with positions given in Lambert 2008 units to be converted i.e. using [1]. (fr) Le réseau est géré par l'Institut Géographique National (belge), qui permet d'obtenir des fiches (planimétriques ou altimétriques) des points géodésiques, en coordonnées Lambert 2008. Celles-ci peuvent être converties en WGS-84 à partir du site the world coordinate converter.

Example : planimetric data sheet 45A05C1, x = 605751.17 m, y = 632807.99 m expressed in Lambert 2008 units, equivalent to 50.50443256297276 N, 3.74491433721138 E in WGS-84 units.

Geodetic points and their corresponding visual descriptions are important to check the position of imagery layers (like Bing's imagery) that could be misaligned. In this case, an imagery offset can be set in JOSM using geodetic points as calibrating data.

There is no massive import of these points in OSM (feb 2011).

Geodetic links on openstreetmap :

Possible computer projects

Here is some idea of projects that i should want to realize myself (if i would have infinite time...) or to propose i.e. for students programming projects :

  • Geodetic data : obtain data (from ngi site or request), put them on OSM, and create a robot to check they stay "in place"
  • Search for best path to reach a pharmacy depending of hours
  • Create a simplified interface for children to enter specific data (remarkable trees, historic monuments, ...), visualize "friends", compute travel expenses,...

Useful Hints and tips

  • Produce small coherent changeset and save them quickly instead of saving all data at the end of the job
  • Use appropriate comments for the changeset
  • How to revert a changeset :
  • On the use off Google Streetview i.e. to check forgotten street names : cf. [2]


Various links

Belgian links

"My" links of interest

Public domain
All my contributions to OpenStreetMap are released into the public domain. This applies worldwide.
In case this is not legally possible, I grant anyone the right to use my contributions for any purpose, without any conditions, unless such conditions are required by law.