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de Dieser Benutzer spricht Deutsch als Muttersprache.
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mk-2 Овој корисник зборува Македонски на среден степен.
Merkaartor Mafeu submits data to OpenStreetMap using Merkaartor.
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at Night of the living maps

Hi! My name is Martin, I live in Bremen, Germany (but because of my job I'm also in Kelkheim and Langen, both in the state of Hessen, Germany, on a regular basis).

Places I map or plan to map

I already mapped or I'm planning to map in the following areas

  • Germany
    • Bremen
      • Stadtteil Findorff: The area is pretty well mapped. I plan to add some details like shops, phone booths, etc.
    • Hessen
      • Kelkheim: Also very well mapped, appart from details.
  • Macedonia
    • Skopje
      • Naselba Hipodrom: Tracked all streets with names, currently updating the map
  • Montenegro
    • Petrovac: improving the map, i.e. adding streetnames, shops, and other features

GPS units I use

I own two Garmin devices.

OSM editing tools I use

I recently changed to Merkaator as my main mapping program, before that I used JOSM. From time to time I use Potlatch.

My personal HOWTOs and OSM Links

This is all work in progress :-)