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Collection of articles in the press dealing with OSM.

RSS Aggregator of Blogs with OSM content.


Name finder is a tool to search for names and related items like road numbers in the OSM database.

Public GPS traces, with tags/<tagword> added to the URL you can show all traces with that tag.

OpenStreetBugs is a website for easily marking errors in the OSM data.

Tagwatch provides statistics on tag usage within the OpenStreetMap database.

OSM_Mapper allows areas of OSM data to be monitored and analysed. Signup is necessary.

Data consistency checks for OSM. Show checks that are run on a local excerpt database filled with OSM data.

Print maps, draw on them, scan them back in and help


Overview for OSM-Garmin-Maps


Maps for Garmin devices.


Tiles@home (short: T@H or tah) is a distributed program to render osmarender maps.


Free routable maps for Garmin brand GPS devices. Very easy download but size of map is limited.


Description of a fully (comment: I'd say semi) automated process from fetching OSM from openstreetmap over creating mp and img to having a routable map on a Garmin device.

Data Visualization

Tah-heatmap is a very simple renderer producing a rough heatmap for the globe which gives an indicator of the complexity of OpenStreetMap data as split by z12 tiles.

Tah-heatmap variation.


Example of mapping houses with address.