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This is my living list of the things I want to do in OSM.

It is a sub page of User:Mathias71.

Check bugs

Bicycle paths in Kanzlerfeld

  • Are they tagged?

Roads in Kanzlerfeld

Upload my GPS-Tracks

To valuable to lay around on my hard disc.

Other ideas regarding bicycles

POIs and others in Kanzlerfeld

  • Check post boxes and telephones
  • Check recycling Done on 05.12.2008
  • Check stores (Edeka, Flowers, barber, bakery, ...) Done on 05.12.2008
  • Check restaurants Done on 05.12.2008
  • Check playgrounds Done on 05.12.2008
  • Add bus stops Done on 05.12.2008
  • Edeka parking lot is missing Done on 05.12.2008
  • Sauerbruchstraße parking lot is missing Done on 05.12.2008

Foot paths in Kanzlerfeld (including the nearby woods and fields)

Some corrections around my office

  • From Hennebergstraße left on the Wolfenbütteler Str. Done on 29.12.2008
  • Add Key:cycleway opposite (see here and here) Done on 29.12.2008