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This is a draft for a window tagging proposal. The aim is to provide additional data especially for 3D and Indoor applications. It is designed to work together with Simple 3D Buildings as well as current indoor mapping proposals.

Applies to

The proposed window attributes can be used on several elements:

  • on nodes of individual windows in indoor mapping, representing a single window
  • on door nodes, representing a single window built into a door
  • on building or building part outlines, representing the type of windows used on that part of the façade

Proposed tags

Key Value Definition Image

Base tag

window yes
window no there are no windows on this building, building part or door
window * the function/type of the window (e.g. display_window)


window:height length value the height of a window (i.e. the space between the top and the bottom of the window)
window:breast length value the breast of a window (i.e. the space between the ground of the floor and the bottom of the window)
window:width length value the width of a window

Shape and Structure

window:shape rectangle
window:shape circle
window:shape roundtop
window:shape roundtop ...
window:panes 2x2, 3x2 the number and arrangement of panes (vertical x horizontal)
window:shutter no/left/right/both whether there are one-sided or two-sided shutters. If no shutter-related tag is present, then it is assumed that the windows don't have shutters. (The directions are seen from the inside of the building.)

Materials and Colours

window:material glass, glass_brick, stained_glass, plastic, no, ... material the window is made of
window:colour Key:colour syntax colour of the window
window:frame:material wood, plastic, ... material the frame is made of
window:frame:colour Key:colour syntax colour of the frame
window:shutter:material wood, plastic, ... material the shutters are made of
window:shutter:colour Key:colour syntax color of the the shutters




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