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Functional classification (FC) of Georgia proposal using this (you will have to zoom in):

I'd like to propose a straight functional classification of Georgia based on the ArcGIS of Georgia provided by GaDOT. The only exception would be any dirt roads, which may be classed in the lower tiers.

Interstates and roads built to Interstate standards (GA 400) highway=motorway

Primary Arterial highway=trunka lot of these are already classed as trunk.

Minor Arterial highway=primary

Major Collector highway=secondary

Minor Collector highway=tertiary

All other roadshighway=residential

I'm open to discussion and to ideas about FC within Georgia.

Kirbert here. Unfamiliar with how to conduct a discussion here. Editing User:Txemt's page doesn't seem right.

I concur with the general FC guidelines above, but feel there would need to be more exceptions. Just a cursory glance at that GaDOT map shows somebody didn't put a whole lot of thought into it. There are roads that change classification right in the middle of the road, when there are no physical changes on the ground.

For myself, as a general rule, if a road is paved with painted lane divisions and can reasonably be used for travelling from somewhere to somewhere, it gets at least a tertiary classification. If it's dirt, it gets no more than a residential classification -- I don't care how long or hard-packed it is. Note that, in my area, a good many roads have been classified as minor/unclassified, which seems to appear similar in stature to the residential classification, but some of these roads should really be tertiary. I also classify single-lane roads as service roads even if they serve a neighborhood and have street names like residential roads.

If a road is unpaved, I mark it as unpaved. Unfortunately, this distinction never seems to show up on the finished product; even OSM's own map makes no distinction between a paved residential road and an unpaved one, they appear exactly the same. IMHO, dirt roads should *always* appear brown on the displayed map. But I don't know who could make that happen.

This was put together before I got an email from GDot on what you had pointed out. On places where it changes in the middle of the road, that most likely is leftover from the previous version of the map. Fitzgerald, Ga is the perfect example. I inquired about the PA running through that town when the rest is minor, and they said it's a carryover from the previous version to this version. GDot is about to go through an upgrade (they do every 10 years), so it's kind of a wait and see.

If you want to join the discussion, you can join OSM Slack and find #georgia for more info.