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This page collects information specially for motorcycle riders.

Navigation Devices

Main article: User:Ulfl/Motorcycle/Navigation

For OSM use on a motorcycle, you can use most smartphones, PDAs and Garmin devices, but you have to think about the mount, water resistance and the power supply.

However, a lot of Personal Navigation Devices (exception: Garmin) can't load OSM maps.

Route planning

Is there a useable route planning software based on OSM already available?

  • QLandkarteGT ?
  • Garmin Base Camp / Map Source ?

If you are planing a motorcycle trip you can also use Kurviger []. Kurviger prefers curvy roads and avoids cities. You can even generate round-trips using Kurviger.


Main article: Beginners' guide

OSM is made by people like you! You can help to improve the OpenStreetMap by adding details, fixing bugs, ...

How to map on a motorcycle

The following provides some hints how to map for OSM with a motorcycle.

While you're out with the motorcycle, you'll probably want to ride without thinking about OSM mapping. However, with very little effort you can help OSM a lot. Just run a GPS receiver that continuosly tracks your position while you're on the road and:

  • collect bills of fuel stations, cafés, hotels, camp sites, ...
  • make photos of interesting places where you stop to visit anyway: tourism attractions, mountain passes, ...

With the GPS track and the bills/photos you can later enter several details to OSM, like the positions of the places you've visited and lot's of details as names, phone numbers, ...

You might even find a road still missing in OSM - especially when you're driving small roads in remote areas. If you can't remember the classification of a road (not unusual after a few hundred kilometers dayride), just add the road to OSM and add the tag highway=road (which means "I don't know the road classification") to it. This way others have a hint that there's actually a road and can enter the classification later on.

Motorcycle Specific Tags

There are already some tags specially interesting for motorcycle riders:

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
amenity motorcycle_parking node area Designated motorcycle parking
Amenity motorcycle parking icon.png
motorcycle yes / designated / private / permissive / destination / delivery / agricultural / forestry / unknown / no node way area Motorcycle access restriction (usually for highways), see also: moped=* and mofa=*
Zeichen 255.svg
Motorcycle access.jpg
shop motorcycle node area A shop that sells or rents motorcycles, parts, clothes, doing repair/maintenance, ...
Shop motorcycle icon.png
shop tyres node area A shop that sells and mounts tyres (not limited to motorcycle tyres!)
Shop tyres icon.png
Motorcycle tyre stack.jpg

There's a simple questionnaire available for download that helps noting motorcycle dealer details.

However, some motorcycle specific tags are still missing (no established tags available):

Motorcycle club house
Motorcycle meeting point
  • Motorcycle meeting points (places where you'll usually meet other motorcycle riders on a sunny sunday afternoon)
  • Motorcycle association / club houses ("official" houses, not regular meetings in the local pub)
  • Anything else?

Useful Tags

Main article: Map Features

There are lot's of "general purpose tags" that are also useful for motorcycle riders, like fuel stations, hotels and restaurants.

The following lists tags that might be interesting (however, this is just a small excerpt of the possible tags):

  • all kinds of highways (from large motorways to small service roads)
  • tracks with tracktype (form small asphalt tracks to almost invisible dirt roads)
  • surface (asphalt, gravel, dirt, ...)
  • services - a (motorway) service station to rest or meet for a ride
  • eat & drink (to take a rest on the run or go out at night)
  • various accommodation (lay your head on a pillow after a nice ride)
  • tourism / leisure / water / dam (various attractions)
  • shopping (something left at home?)
  • ferry, railway transport (to go further)
  • mountain pass (the motorcycle attraction in the mountains)
  • motorsport (do it or view it)
  • ...

Please note: This is just a small excerpt of the features you can enter to OSM. A comprehensive list can be found at the Map Features page and even that huge page won't contain all tags in use!