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Garmin Oregon and Zumo mounted on a motorcycle handlebar

This page collects information about using OSM maps with navigation devices on a motorcycle.

There are several ways to bring OSM on your motorcycle: Garmin, smartphone, PDA, ...

Beware: A lot of personal navigation devices can't load OSM maps easily!


Two handlebar mounts

To use a navigation system on your motorcycle, you'll have to put it somewhere so you can see it while your riding.

Some things to consider:

  • display visible: The display needs to be readable even at direct sunlight. A foil above the device (e.g. from a tank bag) can make the display a lot less visible.
  • waterproof: Especially if it starts raining, you'll may want a quick navigation home
  • power supply: A navigation device without power is useless. Good idea is to connect the device to the motorcycle power supply, or use long running (outdoor) devices with spare batteries.
  • Bluetooth audio: Audio driving directions can be helpful but can also be annoying

There are several possibilities to mount a GPS on a motorcycle ...

Tank Bag

You can simply put the GPS under the foil of your tank bag.

  • Just putting it in the tank bag, you can use a car navigation, an outdoor GPS, a smartphone or alike.
  • The foil of the bag can make the display less visible.
  • The GPS device has to be fixed somehow, otherwise it will "move around" - some recent bags have a dedicated space for this.
  • Often the tank bag isn't waterproof and a mounted rain cap will usually make the GPS "unreadable".
  • A power supply has to be provided somehow or batteries have to be used.

Generic mount bags

There are waterproof bags available, that can be mounted on the handlebar or the tank.

  • With such a mount you can use a car navigation, an outdoor GPS, a smartphone or alike.
  • The foil of the bag can make the display less visible.
  • As the device is not designed for this, it might stop working caused by overheat or vibration
  • A power supply has to be provided somehow or batteries have to be used.

Device specific mount

Special mounts are available for devices designed for motorcycle / bicycle use, usually mounted on the handlebar. A power supply has to be provided somehow, often the more expensive device mounts have a power supply connection integrated.

  • Touratech provides high quality device specific motorcycle mounts for a wide range of models
  • RAM Mount also provides device specific motorcycle mounts


All devices that can load OSM maps are possible to use.


Main article: Garmin

A lot of recent Garmin devices can load OSM maps, provided the device has enough free flash memory or an SD-card slot to load the maps. The size of the map file depends on the range extract used and the level of details it contains (a very rough guide: 2,6 GB for europe, 600 MB for germany).

OSM Map on Garmin

Main article: OSM Map On Garmin

There are several OSM based Garmin maps available, which one to choose?

There's currently no motorcycle dedicated OSM map available.

Remember: With OSM you can even build your own OSM map for your Garmin!

Garmin Zūmo

Main article: Garmin/z%C5%ABmo_series

The zūmo can use OSM maps. As it's designed for motorcycles, this device comes with a motorcycle mount and works well for motorcycle use. The mount connects to the onboard power supply.

Garmin Oregon

Main article: Garmin/Oregon_series

The Oregon can use OSM maps. While it's designed primarily for outdoor use, it also works well for a motorcycle ride. A cheap device mount (~10 EUR) for a bicycle handlebar is available, that works good for motorcycles. A self-made power supply has to be provided through the Mini-USB connector, or you can simply run the device with AA/Mignon (rechargeable) batteries - they will last > 10h.

Garmin eTrex

Main article: Garmin/eTrex_series

Recent eTrex devices should work as well, please report.

Lowrance ?

Main article: DE:Lowrance_Endura

Please report!


Some BMW motorcycle navigation devices are known to be branded Garmin devices. It's currently unknown if loading OSM maps on these devices is possible. Please report!

Smartphone / PDA

Main article: Software/Mobile phones

An Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile or alike smartphone that is able to load OSM maps can be used.

  • You'll have to find a suitable mount and think about the power supply.
  • Finding the right software can be a bit tricky.
  • If you'll often ride in remote areas, make sure you're using a software that don't need a permanent internet connection - aka have the maps onboard.
  • With the GPS receiver turned on, the internal akku will often last only a few (<4!) hours.

Other Motorcycle Navigation devices

You can't (or at least it's difficult to) load OSM maps onto the motorcycle navigation systems from TomTom, Becker, Pearl or Falk.