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Tram stop tagging

Unfortunately, I don't agree with your remark. Here's why:

  • It is against what is written on Trams#Tram_stops page (“The location on the tracks where the tram stops is marked by a single node with the tags railway=tram_stop.”)
  • It is against what is written on Tag:railway=tram_stop page (“This tag is one way to mark a tram stop. It is used on tram tracks (railway=tram) [...]”)
  • Both articles also specify railway=tram_stop can be combined with public_transport=stop_position, which clearly belongs to the tracks
  • Your example's ([1]) changeset comment mentions the word premetro, which usually means it is a light rail system, not a tram system.
  • Your example is from the Buenos Aires premetro, which is even explicitly mentioned on the Spanish-language wiki on ES:Tag:route=light_rail page as a light rail system example
  • The Tag:railway=tram_stop page also mentions that if a light rail system stop resembles a railway halt more than a tram stop, then railway=halt should be used instead of railway=tram_stop, and then one node at the area center will be fine
  • If a tram stop has stop positions for different directions of travel e.g. 200-300 m apart, it would be confusing and misleading to map it with a single node in between, especially if the tracks are embedded in the street and no physical platforms exist
  • I tried mapping several light rail -looking (both travel directions with physical platforms opposite to each other) tram stops in my area as a single railway=tram_stop and they all got reverted soon by different local mappers
  • I also asked on the OpenStreetMap Forum if it would be OK to map a tram stop a single node at the area center and got the answer that it wouldn't

Regards, --Dzamper (talk) 05:42, 31 May 2021 (UTC)

Thanks for your answer, it is clearer to me. Regarding the Premetro, although it has some characteristics of a light rail, we consider it a tram for several reasons, in fact in the Spanish Wikipedia it is indicated that it is a tram. AgusQui (talk) 03:22, 1 June 2021 (UTC)