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This page is being considered for cleanup. Please discuss this page.

This page tracks the progress of bike paths in Melbourne, and across Victoria. Feel free to update it, and of course contribute to the mapping.

Lists of bike paths are found on Wikipedia.


Name Path mapped Relation tagged LCN/RCN Access points Surface, bridges etc Link Notes
Bay RCN relation 50577 Extremely unclear what exactly the "Bay Trail" encompasses. Official sources?
Blind Creek RCN relation 17210
Box Hill to Ringwood RCN relation 1660306
Broadmeadows Valley RCN relation 35737
Bushy Creek RCN relation 78709
Capital City RCN (incompletely tagged) relation 446124
Craigieburn Bypass RCN relation 22766
Dandenong Creek RCN relation 15842
Dandenong South RCN relation 19324
Darebin Creek RCN relation 19894
Djerring RCN relation 8857187
Diamond Creek RCN relation 49926
EastLink RCN relation 43992504
Edgars Creek 60-100% depending RCN relation 1108619
Federation RCN relation 22898
Ferndale Park RCN relation 71691
Ferny Creek RCN relation 17399
Frankston-Baxter 100% RCN (ways not named) relation 65850
Gardiners Creek 90% RCN relation 17699 Need to clarify what happens at Warrigal Rd, and the non-bikeable section through golf course
Gawler Chain 100% RCN 100% relation 1357977
Greengully 100%? RCN relation 1357976
Hallam Bypass RCN relation 22301
Hallam Valley 0%? unfindable
Hendersons Road Drain RCN relation 29868
Hobsons Bay Coastal 100% RCN relation 1360744 A bit fuzzy on where the border between it and the (dubious?) Westgate Trail is.
Koonung Creek RCN relation 21301
Kororoit Creek RCN relation 49282
Laverton Creek LCN (way not named) relation 421642
Main Yarra 100%? RCN relation 20138
Maribyrnong River RCN relation 33822
Maroondah Aqueduct LCN relation 546806
Merri Creek RCN relation 20255
Moonee Ponds Creek RCN relation 20162
Mullum Mullum Creek RCN relation 19323
North Road 100% RCN relation 1002085
Peninsula Link RCN relation 1357994
Plenty River RCN relation 23034
River Gum Walk RCN relation 1076695
Ruffey Creek RCN relation 1076669
Scoresby Road RCN relation 17342
Scotchmans Creek 100% RCN relation 17691
Skeleton Creek RCN relation 23359
Shankland unfindable
St Georges Road RCN relation 51103
Steele Creek 100% RCN relation 1085157
Stud Road RCN relation 16528
Syndal Heatherdale Pipe Reserve RCN relation 399844 Problematic. This trail is little more than a proposal, although there are footpads along various sections. Doesn't really deserve RCN status.
Tarralla Creek RCN relation 28154
Taylors Creek RCN relation 1076618
Toolern Creek 60% RCN relation 1360773
Upfield Bike Path RCN relation 20163 Dispute over whether it's a rail trail
Waverley RCN relation 64660
Wellington Road No way 48257852
Wellness Trail 100% RCN relation 32810827 Check naming
Werribee River RCN relation 23365
Western Port Bay RCN relation 35881
Western Ring Road RCN relation 27830
Wurundjeri Walk ???
Wyndham Bay Trail 100% LCN relation 1059605 LCN? RCN? Source: [1]


Name Path mapped Relation tagged LCN/RCN Access points Surface, bridges etc Link Notes
Traralgon to Morwell 100% RCN Incomplete Incomplete relation 13808889 Traced from aerial photos and council maps; connections etc need to be confirmed on the ground.

Rail trails of Victoria


Name Path mapped Relation tagged LCN/RCN Access points Surface, bridges etc Link Notes !
Belgrave 100%? RCN relation 16530
Bellarine 100 ? RCN relation 16029
Hawthorn to Kew 80%? 100%? RCN relation 1059590 Unclear where it actually starts/stops. Survey?
Inner Circle relation 1973379
Lilydale to Warburton 100% RCN relation 29695
Outer Circle 100% RCN relation 131752 also called Anniversary Rail Trail
Red Hill 100% RCN relation 1949932
Rosstown Heritage 100% RCN relation 22305
Sandridge 100% RCN relation 27817
Station 100% RCN (debatable) relation 385628


Name Path mapped Relation tagged LCN/RCN Access points Surface, bridges etc Link Notes !
Bass Coast 100% RCN relation 398711
Drouin to Warragul 100% ? RCN relation 386286 also called Two Towns Trail
East Gippsland 98% RCN relation 1141513 The start in Bairnsdale could be cleaned up - not sure where the official start is these days.
Gippsland Lakes Discovery 100% RCN relation 1307475 AKA Mississippi Creek Trail, for some of it at least. Also, there is no signage at all from Colquhoun Rd.
Gippsland Plains 100% RCN relation 1337690 Completed May 2014. Partially just from imagery, the two existing sections (Maffra-Stratford and Glengarry-Cowwarr)
Grand Ridge 70% ? RCN relation 1019919 Missing section into Mirboo North. Has no junctions.
Great Southern 100% RCN relation 1020828
Moe to Yallourn 100% RCN relation 1800394
Noojee Trestle Bridge 100% relation 2212961
Rokeby to Crossover 100% relation 2737409
Tarra RCN relation 1823991
Tyers Junction relation 2205754
Walhalla Goldfields relation 2205756

North Victoria

Name Path mapped Relation tagged LCN/RCN Access points Surface, bridges etc Link Notes
Dookie relation 1807311
Great Victorian 100% RCN relation 1043265 was called Goulburn River High Country Rail Trail during construction
High Country 100% ? RCN relation 452640 Proposed Sandy Creek Bridge added very roughly.
Mt Samaria
Murchison-Rushworth relation 2775075
Murray to the Mountains 100% RCN/LCN relation 1016856 Bowser-Wagunyah route is LCN.
O'Keefe 100% RCN relation 964797 Could add the under construction (late 2010) extension to Heathcote.
Plain Creek
Say G'day 100% LCN relation 4194331 also known as Wandong Trail

Western Victoria

Name Path mapped Relation tagged LCN/RCN Access points Surface, bridges etc Link Notes
Andersons Mill
Ballarat-Skipton 100% RCN No, junctions missing relation 446118
Bunny relation 3009268
Camperdown-Timboon 20% ? No relation 1337784 also called Crater to Coast Rail Trail
Domino 100% RCN unpaved relation 1337587
Grampians relation 2597626
Great Divide 100%? No relation 2814727 Not to be confused with Great Dividing Trail.
Hamilton to Coleraine relation 2628458
Old Beechy 100% RCN Missing junctions relation 1043249 Some sections overlap roads, need to be merged.
Port Fairy to Warrnambool 100% RCN relation 1141511
Tiger relation 2163563 also called Birregurra-Forrest Rail Trail