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Albury-Wodonga, Australia

latitude: -36.1008376, longitude: 146.9086906
Browse map of Albury-Wodonga 36°06′03.02″ S, 146°54′31.29″ E
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Albury-Wodonga is a region in Australia at latitude 36°06′03.02″ South, longitude 146°54′31.29″ East.


Welcome to the page for the twin cities of Albury (node 2293318943)) and Wodonga (relation 2377502), a cross-border community in Australia. This project page is a joint sub-project of the New South Wales and Victoria OSM Projects and is used to coordinate local mapping efforts and enhance collaboration in the area.

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For upcoming events in Albury-Wodonga, see the Australian Mapping Community page.

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