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Part of WikiProject Australia and WikiProject New South Wales, this page

  • tracks the what aspects of suburbs are essentially complete, and which are the most in need of attention
  • lists towns, localities and places within the Blue Mountains Local Government Area.


For each suburb (in some cases they have been grouped), this attempts to list what has been "done" in each suburb, along with things to check out, fill in or correct.

The primary focus is initially on getting all the streets filled in and named. Once that is done then the focus will move to fire trails and bush tracks. Where possible, things such as cliffs and streams will also be filled in from Nearmap imagery.

Suburbs are ordered from east to west along the main line, with the Bells Line suburbs at the bottom. NearMap imagery extends as far as Katoomba along the main line, and almost all streets have already been traced from this.

The three main areas to work on are

  • street names in Winmalee, and around Springwood, Faulconbridge and Wentworth Falls
  • surveying Blackheath (and surrounds) and Mt Victoria, which are outside the NearMap zone
  • surveying the Bells Line suburbs (Berambing, Bell, Mt Wilson, Mt Irvine etc)


Largely complete - need to check

  • Collins Cres (osm/lands) vs St (g)
  • Achievement Pl (osm) vs Ave (g/lands)


Largely complete - need to check

  • Connection between end of Brook Rd and Emu Rd - council records as "unformed road"
  • Watson St, off Bruce Rd in the NP
  • Brooklands Rd (osm/bmcc) vs St (g) - Definitely Road, I used to live by it --NilbogAus 03:41, 20 July 2010 (UTC).
  • Elsie Rd (g) vs Leslie Rd (osm/bmcc)
  • Cox St (osm/bmcc) vs Park St (g)
  • Wood St, off Deane St - council records as "unformed road"
  • Woodville St (osm/bmcc) vs Rd (g)
  • Prince St, off West St (g/bmcc)
  • Reading St, beyond Fletcher St (g)

Blaxland (including Mount Riverview)

  • Outlook Ave (osm) vs Outlook Rd (g/bmcc)
  • Sunland Rd (osm) vs Sunland Cres (g/bmcc)
  • Applegum place (capitalise)
  • Germaine Rd (osm) vs Germaine Ave (g/bmcc)
  • Dixon Rd (osm/bmcc) vs Lewin St (g)
  • Maxwell Palce (error)
  • Yogali Terrace (osm) vs Yoogali Terrace (g)
  • Glenell St (osm) vs Glenell Rd (g)


Valley Heights (including Sun Valley)

Winmalee (including Hawkesbury Heights and Yellow Rock)







  • south Hazelbrook, between Railway Parade/Hilltop Ave and Valley Road, including South Lawson Fire Trail, but not the bush tracks
  • north Hazelbrook, between Queens Rd and Clearview Pde, not including bush tracks



  • north Lawson, between St Bernards Drive and Queens Rd, including the bush tracks around Empire Pass
  • south Lawson, except east of Honour Ave


Wentworth Falls (including Kings Tableland)


Katoomba (including North Katoomba and Yosemite)

Medlow Bath

Streets are complete.

Blackheath (including Shipley)

Blackheath is outside current (2010-06) Nearmap coverage so needs to be covered by traditional survey.


  • All roads off Evans Lookout Road, and all major bush tracks in the vicinity of Evans Lookout Road, with the exception of the Walls Cave Track
  • All roads to the south of Govetts Leap Road, and all roads off Govetts Leap Road to the north, east of Prince Edward St
  • Most major bush tracks

Still to complete

  • Roads to the west of the highway need checking - including Shipley, it appears mostly complete but there are a couple of obvious holes
  • Roads to the north of Govetts Leap Road need completing. Coverage is reasonable but not complete, particularly further out along Hat Hill Rd
  • Minor bush tracks and fire trails
  • Major tracks - Walls Cave, Bundarra St Track to Centennial Glen, Centennial Pass, Rodriguez Pass to Beauchamp Falls (currently closed), Ridgewell Rd/Burramoko Fire Trail to Hanging Rock


Mount Victoria


Mount Tomah

Mount Irvine

Mount Wilson


Blue Mountains Places