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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

latitude: -33.8626, longitude: 151.209
Browse map of Sydney 33°51′45.36″ S, 151°12′32.40″ E
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Sydney is a city in New South Wales, Australia at latitude 33°51′45.36″ South, longitude 151°12′32.40″ East.

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OpenStreetMapping in Sydney


Official Name Official Reference/Route Number Common/Other Names OSM Name OSM Reference Street Sign Name (Black on White) Description
M2 Hills Motorway M2 M2, M2 Motorway M2 Hills Motorway MR2 M2 Motorway North Ryde to Windsor
Western Motorway M4 F4, Western Freeway Western Motorway M4 M4 Motorway Concord Rd to Lapstone Hill
South Western Motorway M5 M5 East, F5, Southwestern Motorway South Western Motorway M5 M5 Motorway Airport tunnel to Casula
Hume Freeway M31 M5 Hume Freeway M31 Casula to Mittagong Bypass
Westlink M7 M7 M7 Westlink M7 M7 M7 Motorway Prestons to Baulkham Hills
Pacific Motorway M1 F3, F3 Freeway, Sydney-Newcastle Freeway Pacific Motorway M1 Pacific Motorway Wahroonga to Newcastle
Southern Freeway M1 F6, F6 Freeway, Princess Highway Southern Freeway NR1 Freeway Waterfall to Bulli Tops
Gore Hill Freeway M1 NR11, Gore Hill Expressway Gore Hill Freeway MR1 Artarmon to Warringah Freeway
Warringah Freeway M1 NR1, Warringah Expressway Warringah Freeway MR1 Gore Hill Freeway to Harbour Bridge (Nth)
Cahill Expressway M1 NR1, Cahill Freeway Cahill Expressway MR1 Harbour Bridge (Nth) to Eastern Distributor
Eastern Distributor M1 Eastern Distributor MR1 Eastern Distributor Cahill Expressway to Southern Cross Drive
Western Distributor A4 Western Distributor A4 Western Distributor Harbour Bridge (Sth) to Victoria Road
M8 Motorway M8 WestConnex M8, New M5 M8 Motorway M8 M8 Motorway King George's Road to St Peters Interchange

What is a Motorway?

The roads listed above are the Sydney Motorways/Freeways - even though some other short sections of road have freeway conditions for short periods. Draw these roads as dual carriageway roads - marking them as highway=motorway for "M" routes, and highway=trunk for "A" routes.


Aerial Imagery

High resolution LPI NSW Imagery is available covering the entirety of Greater Sydney, and of New South Wales. Sydney imagery is generally of higher quality compared to other sources. LPI NSW Imagery is the default imagery for the iD editor. Cloud cover and stitching errors is of very little occurrence; however, re-alignment of imagery is generally still required.

High resolution Bing imagery is available for all of the Sydney metropolitan area. Bing imagery has been out of alignment by about three metres through most of the metropolitan areas since the redaction. Some of the northern suburbs are cloud covered. Often cloud free imagery is available at different resolutions. For more details see the Bing page.

The Mapbox imagery is well aligned but often does not have the highres imagery that Bing does. You can use Mapbox imagery to align the Bing imagery when required.

As per the Bing conventions, use source=Bing when tracing Bing imagery.

I want to help. What should I do?

There are still some streets that can be mapped from aerial imagery. However, many streets need to be surveyed, both to confirm the imagery and to capture street names, particularly in Western Sydney.

The OSM Inspector at is an effective way to find unnamed streets and other things in the Sydney area that need fixing.


  • Sutherland Bus Interchange - I have been told that buses travel in the opposite direction that the map currently indicates. PaulSchulz (looks to be fixed)


The OpenStreetMap map of Sydney was initiated during a visit in 2005 by Etienne, with major initial contributions 2005-2007 by Mike Collinson.

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