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Sydney Metro Overview

[W] Sydney Metro is a driver-less "turn-up-and-go" style heavy rail infrastructure project, happening in Sydney, Australia.

Currently only 1 line is in operation, with an extension under way, and 2 additional lines in the planning and construction phases.


In Operation

[W] Sydney Metro Northwest (Tallawong to Chatswood)

Under Construction

[W] Sydney Metro City & Southwest (Chatswood to Bankstown)

[W] Sydney Metro West (Westmead to Hunter Street)

[W] Sydney Metro Western Sydney Airport (St. Marys to Aerotropolis)

Tagging Guidelines

Construction Sites

Construction sites for Sydney Metro projects should be tagged in line with the overall OpenStreetMap standard, but there are some additional tags that you should add to help detail them as much as possible.

Naming Convention

Construction sites should bear a name with both its location, and an accurate descriptor of its planned purpose. For example, stations can use the descriptor "Metro Station", service facilities as "Metro Services Facilities", and so on.

Construction sites for the purpose of Sydney Metro but are without any identifiable descriptor, can instead use a generic name=Sydney Metro Construction Site.

name=Orchard Hills Metro Station
operator=Sydney Metro
Example of a properly tagged construction site for an under-construction Sydney Metro station: way Orchard Hills Metro Station.

Please note that for the operator tag, you should not use [W]Metro Trains Sydney. It's currently uncertain whether this company will also manage any potential future lines, and should only be added if confirmed.

Data Sources

When adding data to do with Sydney Metro to OpenStreetMap, the following are approved data sources with which OpenStreetMap has permission to incorporate.