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This page describes a historic artifact in the history of OpenStreetMap. It does not reflect the current situation, but instead documents the historical concepts, issues, or ideas.
Quick History Service was a database including API supporting the license change of OpenStreetMap data.
Impact on OpenStreetMap
The tool was used to determine which parts of OSM data were affected by the license change.
Reason for being historic
After the license change, the tool was discontinued.
Captured time
about 2012

The Quick History Service (a.k.a. "WTFE") at http://wtfe.gryph.de/ is a database with an API that powers JOSM's License Change Plugin and the "license status" layer in Potlatch 2. The database is also the same, generally, as the one used by OSM Inspector's License Change Layer but both are independently updated and may therefore not always be 100% synchronized.

The Quick History Service stores information about which OSM mappers have touched which object, and can be used to quickly see if an object is likely to be affected by the license change. You hand in an object ID, and you get back a list of people having edited that object, and whether or not they have agreed to the new Contributor Terms.

The Quick History Service is run by Frederik Ramm on a private VM (8 GB RAM, 80 GB disk, using MySQL). The source code is available here.

User Overrides - "Adoptions"

Since the Quick History Service is now used by many people to decide whether or not to re-map something in preparation for the license change, it is important that it gives an accurate picture of what will be affected by the license change. The problem is that there are a number of OSM users who refuse to agree to the Contributor Terms but who have nonetheless proclaimed that all their edits are in the Public Domain, or where there is another reason to assume that even though they are technically not on the list of agreeing people, these edits will not be affected.

The following table can be used to override, for the purpose of the Quick History Service, a user's decision so that this user's edits will not show up as problematic anymore. If you add someone's name to this list, you basically declare: I, user X, believe that all edits by user Y are not a problem and I will personally see to it that they are preserved during the license change one way or another.

Adding someone to this list does not change anything in the legal situation, it will simply stop flagging their edits - you will still have to sort things out when the license change comes.

I, (wiki) user ... hereby adopt, for the purpose of WTFE, the edits of (OSM) user... user id

(may be left empty)


(set by WTFE ops)

Frederik Ramm test_user_123 0 no
simon Markus B 49111 yes
simon user_34262 (del. acc. PD release, doc. with sys admins) 34262 yes
simon user_24359 (del. acc. with release, doc. with sys admins) 24359 yes
simon user_30117 (del. acc. with release, doc. with sys admins) 30117 yes
simon Michael Neville (special case) 214520 pending
Frederik Ramm linuss1 164966 yes
napo user_136835 ("pacifico" before account deletion) note: release with sys admins SP 136835 yes
Frederik Ramm Eugene van der Pijll 6823 yes
FK270673 Torben (did not react to personal messages) 9569 yes
Lübeck Almendros (verbal agreement exists) 91012 yes
vsandre Olli17

(grands all contributions to PD)

5251 yes
Okilimu heirobi (OSM PM Mail from birohei, that he forgot old account password and made new account and agreed old data as odbl license compatible) 103452 yes
andrew_shadoura Shark13 (all the edits are imports from Slovak Kataster Portal, thus are actually PD) 284926 pending
ToeBee Otto Yamamoto Am in contact with user. Has stated that he is OK with the new terms but is having trouble getting into his account. Might still accept before license bot starts. 73057 pending
Gnonthgol FlorinMateiu Have changed a lot of administrative borders to make them closed. 190196 pending
Balrog Rafal Olearski Copyright owners stated they would like the data to remain in OSM but have no technical means to log in. 12349 pending

Note that additions to this table are currently processed manually, but might be processed automatically in the future.

If someone's edits are affected by the adoption table above, then the Quick History Service will return that user's status as "override", and the application should treat that as if it were a "yes".

Changeset Overrides

In addition to the wholesale adoption of non-agreeing users above, the Quick History Service also treats a number of changesets by non-CT-agreeing users as "clean". These usually are changesets that have been effected with the help of a script or bot and therefore are not considered a copyrighted work, and they are usually entered here after consultation with the mapper in question (although if things are obvious then we might also override the mapper's opinion).

Again, being listed in this table only means that these edits will not be flagged as problematic by WTFE; it does not (necessarily) mean that they will receive special treatment in the license change. That is a matter for LWG to decide.

You may add new entries to this table and they will be added to WTFE in due course. Please provide a detailed description and indication of mapper's consent. (Easiest if mappers themselves add entries affecting their own changesets.) In the description column, you can enter anything that can be clearly and easily resolved. You can also list individual changeset IDs.

(wiki) user making the entry detailed description of affected changesets user id

(may be left empty)


(set by WTFE ops)

Frederik Ramm All changesets by user balrog-kun that carry the flag "bot=yes". Added after IRC exchange with user. List on separate page. 20587 yes
ToeBee Changesets by user balrog-kun that were part of the TIGER name expansion but are missing the "bot=yes" tag. List on separate page. 20587
Frederik Ramm balrog-kun imports in Spain. List on separate page. 20587 yes
Frederik Ramm James Mike Dupont edits "outside of Kosovo and Albania". List on separate page. 131059 yes
FK270673 James Mike Dupont CORINE imports (PD) 7061695 7067388 7068126 7078000 7078526 7080420 7080430 7080516 7087759 7088294 7090507 7097495 7097906 7098093 7108247 7117762 7117764 7117780 7119807 7119950 7120041 7120059 7120092 7120141 7120267 131059 yes
FK270673 James Mike Dupont Logistics Plus GPS track import (no copyright) 3899608 3902966 3903851 3904406 3904450 3904573 3906102 3906177 3906192 3906202 3906210 3906215 3908096 131059 yes
Xificurk Pavel - ODbL+CT compatible changesets from Pavel. List on separate page. 1066
g0ldfish JohnSmith - changeset 5108182: automated fixme tag for sport=football; created_by removal; note: user has not yet been contacted yes
malenki JohnSmith - all firehydrants in changeset 5356742. In a previous changeset the mapper replaced amenity=fire_hydrant with emergency=fire_hydrant; in the linked changeset he re-added amenity=fire_hydrant yes
Cobra JohnSmith - 5352774 (achavi, OSMLab) shop=delicatessen -> shop=deli yes
Cobra JohnSmith - 5357611 (achavi, OSMLab) shop=toy -> shop=toys yes
Cobra JohnSmith - 5356852 (achavi, OSMLab) emergency=fire_hydrant added to amenity=fire_hydrant yes
Cobra JohnSmith - 5344848 (achavi, OSMLab) emergency=phone added to everything tagged amenity=emergency_phone yes
Cobra JohnSmith - 5342181 (achavi, OSMLab) amenity=ambulance_station, amenity=ems -> emergency=ambulance_station yes
ToeBee balrog-kun edits in Haiti. He has stated that all of his work outside of Europe can be licensed ODbL. List on separate page. 20587 yes
ToeBee ulfl- "Typo" edits. List on separate page. yes
g0ldfish ulfl - changesets assumed to be automated edits, spot testing be someone else is welcome. List on separate page. yes
simon ulfl - Frida imports, here ulfl was only the importing agent, no IP List on separate page. yes
simon Andreas M - Edits in Kuba released, documentation availableList on separate page. yes
Richard All edits by Stefan de Konink with created_by=OSM Fixer - bot edits.

482338 862979 872089 413303 247629 839747 23087 297524 871286 857430 403815 871592 871269 865306 863257 265570 867630 864988 844222 844203 462130

ToeBee New and more comprehensive list of balrog-kun's relicensable changesets. This should replace all the lists above. List on separate page yes
Henk Hoff Relicensable changesets by Stefan de Konink: Stefan has provided information under which license the data of each change set has been provided. List on separate page yes
vsandre Some bot like Edits by User Mirko Küster cleaning or fixing typos of keys or values. List on separate page yes
simon flohoff is_in-bot List on separate page yes
Cobra vandalism by "lmaa_du_osm-korinthenkacker" accounts. copy-delete-paste changesets: 4643195 4643191 4643165 4643162 4643082 4643076 4643020 4643009 4642961 4642954 4642914 4642910 4642856 4642840 4642748 4642739 4642748 4642739 3077264 3076946 4887233 4887242 4522394 4522391 4515386 4515364 4515404 4515412 4515419 4515426 5800491 5800491 yes
rickmastfan67 Changesets by Rosscoe that where he only expanded highway abbreviations (like Rd > Road), which can be considered trivial. List on separate page yes
mdk JohnSmith - 4754878 (achavi, OSMLab) import of sattelite communication dishes from NASA http://igscb.jpl.nasa.gov/igscb/station/log/ (License: OpenData, "by", see http://igscb.jpl.nasa.gov/faqs.html#id2839737 ) yes
malenki James Mike Dupont ("hackermike" with leetspeak) reverted in 7866573 (achavi, OSMLab) the deletion of the city Mitrovica (see). Since he "only" did a revert without much of own contributions I'd think this changeset should be regarded as clean.

Changeset Overrides (Dirty)

List of changesets from agreeing accounts that are exceptions and should be cleaned.

(wiki) user making the entry detailed description of affected changesets user id

(may be left empty)


(set by WTFE ops)

malenki The following should be marked as DIRTY: iMMAP Import-data was imported as CC-by-SA 3.0. Found no documentation for a license update. The data was (amongst others) uploaded in the changesets listed at the iMMAP pages (show list at separate page). The data is tagged with

source=Kosovo Roads from VGI (Vojno Geografski Institut Jugoslavije) Yugoslav Military Geographic Institute or

simon Changesets with copy - paste remapping(show list at separate page). various

When will updates appear

Some types of update to the license view will appear on the map sooner than others. Remapping/License_Change_View_on_OSM_Inspector#Understanding_Dynamics