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The website is internationalized! can display content in various languages. Help with translation is highly welcomed!

How to translate

We're using for our translations. Just go there and create an account and then start translating the OpenStreetMap website into your language. You can also view the current translation statistics there.

Technical details

Text files in YAML-format are checked into The Rails Port git repo under config/locales. People can provide translations for the various bits of the website. See Committing to the rails port. You can browse the yaml files here


In 2008 Arindam Ghosh kicked off the efforts in earnest with is Google Summer of Code project. See Website Internationalization Ideas 2008

More recently Shaun McDonald figured out main i18n code now in use. This was based partly on Arindam Ghosh's work, and taking into account some new internationalization features of Ruby on Rails.

The website finally went multi-lingual after much hacking at the London Hack Weekend May 2009, with various people working on converting rails views, and the usual suspects (Tom Hughes) debugging and deploying. blog post

Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason has done a lot of work after the branch was merged on making the missing bits translatable. E.g. adding parameters instead of using message concatenation. He also worked on the merging to

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