London Hack Weekend May 2009

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Hacking! (Saturday)

The London Hack Weekend is a past event which took place 30th/31st May 2009. A weekend of development hacking hosted (and pizza fuelled) by CloudMade in London.

See harry's photos on facebook

Things we achieved

Website internationalization was the big one. User:Smsm1 has been working on this for a while, but it all came together for the weekend, and a bunch of people beavered away on applying the mechanism across many of the rails views. It was finally deployed late on the Sunday before heading to the pub!

Twain did some work around Search (making a new improved Namefinder)

Richard committed the first work towards Potlatch 2.0 which randomjunk then made all MVC-like for teh shiny (and TEH WINS!!1!)

Harry Wood was learning the JOSM codebase a little bit, and created JOSM/Plugins/WayDownloaderPlugin

Ideas for things we had planned to hack on

  • Search. Improving the user experience around search, speed, non-blocking ajaxy results.
  • Monitoring and rollback - now we have the API, where are the tools?
  • API improvements. May as well start considering 0.7...
  • Advanced multipolygons - do we need area types? How well are they supported?
  • Turn restrictions - getting them into more routing programs
  • non-mainstream editors - mobile etc
  • rewrite Potlatch in AS3. For everyone's sanity TEH WINS!!1!
  • GPX API - maybe even planet.gpx?
  • i18n_2 - let's get that sucker sorted
  • OAuth
  • Metric for amount of data in a given area