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World map of 1930, possibly one of the earliest in Esperanto

Welcome to the Wikiproject of Esperanto. The purpose of the page is to focus Esperanto discussions about translations, tags (Esperanto tags) and important Esperanto issues in OpenStreetMap. For translations of the OSM-wiki to Esperanto see Esperanto Translations Project.


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E-related tags

Key Value Data Description Use
esperanto=* yes esperanto (Q261) for Zamenhof/Esperanto-objects
name:etymology:wikidata=* Q143 name:etymology:wikidata=Q143 (Q19362) For places with Esperanto names (not in Esperanto but names with the word 'Esperanto' inside)
name:etymology:wikidata=* Q11758 name:etymology:wikidata=Q11758 (Q19363) For places called after Ludwik Zamenhof, usually with "Zamenhof" in its name
name:eo=* ajna name:eo (Q2546) for Esperanto names of places
books:language:eo=* yes books:language:eo (Q19360) For places containing books in Esperanto
language:eo=* yes/no language:eo (Q19361) for POI where Esperanto is spoken, or not (please only use no if the place somehow relates to the language, for example, a "Hotel Esperanto" in which Esperanto is not spoken)


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