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River Labeling


There was a request on the crisis mappers mailing list for better river labeling, quoting: ... and shapefiles (point) of all fresh landslides suspected for the Riviere Frorse valley (btw. I cannot see a label for that major river on OSM, but it is there on GoogleMaps, might be worth labeling most major features).

(About Riviere "Frorse", it comes very certainly from an error reading Rivière "Froide"... see this message, and the maps listed therein)


List of Rivers in OSM

Jan made a list of rivers in OSM [2]. It includes two tables of ways tagged as rivers in OSM--one for rivers without name tags, and one for rivers with name tags. Each table includes:

  • link to the OSM way
  • link to OSM history
  • approx. way length
  • link to immediately start editing in JOSM (if remotecontrol plugin is installed).

Jan also has a map of this data, of course! - for better performance the named-track will simplify!
Updated daily

Topo Maps

Old topographic maps that show terrain are available from many sources. Many have been scanned and are viewable at the New York Public Library site. Some of these are warped (georectified so they align with other maps) and served via WMS (find links there).

  • 1:25,000 scale (more detailed)
    There are dozens of the 1:25,000 scale topo maps. Example:
    Note on the naming convention to aid in searching the NYPL site:
    • 1st two digits: westernmost maps will start with 53, while easternmost maps start with 58
    • 2nd two digits: southernmost maps will have 2nd pair of digits 70, while northernmost maps will have 75
    • 5th digit: divides into quadrants, 1=NE, 2=SE 3=SW, 4=NW
    • Then divided into quadrants again: NE, SE, SW, NW
    • Example: the map linked to above is named 56712SW (Trouin), located between Jacmel and Leogane

Important note on using the warped maps: the warp may not be very precise. In most cases it is best to move the map so it aligns with already mapped features. In JOSM, use the offset button in, and in Potlatch hold down the space bar and move the base layer.


To do

Tagging Unnamed Rivers already in OSM

  • Look at the lists linked above, or Jan's map
  • Go to one of the unnamed rivers in the list.
  • Refer to the topographic maps at the URLs above, and label any OSM objects accordingly with name=*.

NOTE: some waterways have been tagged waterway=river, but others have been tagged waterway=stream, so you may find additional unnamed "rivers" in addition to those on Jan's table.

Add rivers using maps and/or tracing over imagery

Many rivers may be visible in imagery and/or on the 1:25,000 topo maps. If you are lucky, they are even named on the topo map! Note that the maps have many "intermittent rivers", shown by a combination of lines and dots.

Note (2010-02-19): OpenStreetBugs contains many messages related to rivers to complete (presumably from available maps or imagery).

Edit existing rivers

As can be seen in Jan's list of named rivers, some rivers are made up of multiple ways. These ways can be joined together by merging (see instructions for Potlatch or JOSM ) Be sure to check that tags are uniform before merging.

Also, some river names have typos or what appear to be incomplete or inconsistent names. Look through the list, check other connecting river ways and relevant topo maps, then make corrections.

Create table of rivers

Gert Gremmen has collected the following list of named rivers in Haiti.

Has this table been cross-referenced with Jan's lists?
Does "Region or Ending" refer to the Department? Arrondissement? Waterbody the river empties into?
At the moment the name of the region is copied from the title of the map it was taken from/ drainage basin.
Where is the debit (flow) data from?--Neuhausr 04:51, 13 February 2010 (UTC)
Debit is from a site I found UTTP
US Army Engineer Corp made a Detailed analysis of Haiti Rivers debit and usage (Text in french) . In appendix C, there are river debits presented wich diverge from the results already presented PierreB 19:51, 17 February 2010 (UTC).
Region or Ending in River OSM link Properly named in OSM? Debit (M3/sec)
Nord Est Dajabón River (AKA Masacre) example (multiple ways) yes
East of Baie de Cap-Haitien (Nord) Grande Rivière du Nord example (multiple ways). Tracing is not completed. Is in OSM - need link to the OSM object PierreB 19:23, 17 February 2010 (UTC) unknown 5.4
Port-de-Paix (Nord-Ouest) Les Trois Rivières (111 km) goes form Plaisance to Port-de-Paix. It is composed of 17 ways that need to be linked together with a RELATION object. Yes 6.5
Baie de Gonaive, Gonaive Rivière La Quinte WAY=50648061 Yes -
Rivière La Quinte Rivière D'ennery way 48624549 Yes -
Rivière D'ennery Rivière D'Lo WAY=48624550 Yes -
Rivière D'ennery Rivière Torpin WAY=48625408 Yes -
Rivière Torpin Rivière Duvoisin WAY=48625398 Yes -
Baie de Grande Pierre, Gonaive Rivière de l’Estère WAY=50258755 Yes 3.1
Grande Saline Rivière de l'Artibonite WAY=48372396 Yes 84
Gonave Rivière de Fer à Cheval No No -
Gonave Macasía River No No -
Gonave Guayamouc River No No -
Gonave Rivière Bouyaha No No -
Gonave Rivière Canot No No -
Gonave Ravine Trou Singer way 50663347 Yes -
Gonave Rivière Locaine No No -
Gonave Libón River No No -
Gonave Rivière de Saint-Marc No Yes -
Gonave Rivière Montrouis No No -
Gonave Rivière Blanche No Yes -
Gonave Rivière Grise No No -
Gonave Grande Riviere du Cul de Sac No No -
Gonave Momance River No Yes -
Gonave Rivière de Grand Goâve No Yes -
Gonave Grand Rivière de Nippes No No -
Gonave Grande-Anse River No No -
La Borgne Rivière du Bas Sainte Anne No No 0.0
La Borgne Rivière l'Enfer No No 0.0
La Borgne Ravine Mombin No No 0.0
La Borgne Rivière Eau Riflet No No 0.0
La Borgne Rivière Eau Duval No No 0.0
La Borgne Rivière l' Ester Duval No No 0.0
La Borgne Rivière Estère Rambou No No 0.0
La Borgne Ravine La Savotte No No 0.0
Caribbean Sea Ravine River (Ravine du Sud) No No 3.9
Caribbean Sea Rivière de Cavaillon WAY=88973914 Yes 0.0
Caribbean Sea Rivière des Côtes de Fer WAY=51308620 Yes 0.0
Caribbean Sea Rivière de Bainet WAY=51413786 No 0.0
Caribbean Sea Grand Rivière de Jacmel No No 0.0
Caribbean Sea Pedernales River No Yes 0.0
Caribbean Sea Acul River No No 0.0
Savane a Roches Ravine Deux Frères No No 0.0
Savane a Roches Rivière Roche No No 0.0
Savane a Roches Ravine Paresseux No No 0.0
Savane a Roches Ravine Bristol No No 0.0
Savane a Roches Ravine Potemot No No 0.0
Savane a Roches Rivière Espagnol No No 0.0
Savane a Roches Rivière Petit Bras No No 0.0

List with debit in cubic meters /second could be tagged ! Drinking water

Artibonite           84.0

Riviere de la Grand’ Anse            12.0

Riviere de Cavaillon        8.0

Trois Rivieres     6.5

Riviere Momance           6.4

Riviere du Limbe             5.6

Grande Riviere du Nord               5.4

La ravine du Sud              3.9

Riviere du Cul-de-Sac    3.9

Riviere de l’Estere          3.1


Lakes (for surface tags…)

Lake of Miragoane: (25 is located at one-kilometer southeast of the city of Miragoane. Its length is 12 km.

Lake Azuei or Etang Saumatre: (170 is located at the eastern extreme of the Cul-de-Sac Valley. It is 22 km long and 12 km wide.

Trou Caiman: ( Approximately 16, this small lake is located east of the northern part of the Cul-de-Sac Valley. It is 9 km long and 3 km wide.

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