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对于学校场地的边界,使用amenity=school(或 amenity=collegeamenity=kindergarten )。

大学也有一个类似的标签,即 building=university

How to map

  • The school building fills the school ground completely Map the outline of the area area of the building and add the tags amenity=school and building=school. Of course you can add name=* and address as well.
  • The school ground is larger than the building Map the whole area area of school grounds including all the buildings and add tags amenity=school and name=*. Add the tags building=school to every school building, and appropriate tags to buildings that have no classrooms, such as building=shed.

You can use tags amenity=college or amenity=kindergarten as well depending on the school's level.

Possible tagging mistakes

如果你知道 有使用这个标签的地方的话,请确认能否使用其他标签代替。