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描述地圖上(可能)的錯誤 編輯此說明
組: Annotations
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狀態:習慣使用Page for proposal

關鍵字 fixme (直譯: 修正我) 用來標記東西或地點需要進一步處理。型式上,這可以是單純的 "標給自己看" 或用來表示需要更多的資源來畫地圖。

note=* 不一樣之處在於,fixme 只用來表示 mapper 覺得此處有錯誤,而 note 帶有給其他 mapper 看的資訊。其他形式包括 FIXME=* 還有 note=FIXME *。

錯誤偵測工具 能自動檢測出來的錯誤不應使用這個關鍵字。

Related tags

  • comment=*給其他 mapper 看的,用文字說明該 element。
  • description=*一般使用者可能會看到的文字。
  • note=*給自己或其他 mapper 看的備註。
  • noexit=no用來標記(尚未完全調查)不完整的路,並非路到這裡就到盡頭了
  • source=*用來表明資料來源


fixme=resurveysource=* 合用,表示座標未經確認(resurvey 的中文為「再調查」)。

在一條路上最後一個已知點上標記 fixme=continuenoexit=no以表示此路未完。 (some people also use fixme=stub for ways that end and have no noexit=* at their end node).

A way with

or just

A node or way in an interchange with

  • fixme=This interchange is complete with the exception of the SB to WB ramp to Highway ABCD. Would an OSM commuter who takes that ramp trace it please?

An otherwise untagged way surrounding some part of a town with

  • fixme=resurvey names in this area, entered from memory

An otherwise untagged node with

  • fixme=this area has some missing streets

when a surrounding way cannot be drawn (due to not knowing how far the problem extends)


amenity=place_of_worship (宗教場所) 加上<br\> fixme=yes mapper 無法知道要檢查什麼東西 amenity=place_of_worship 加上<br\> fixme=check if evangelical or lutheran (需要查是福音教派還是路德教派)
tourism=museum 加上<br\> note=FIXME 哪裡有錯待修?? tourism=museum 加上<br\> note=FIXME 還有 fixme=check the name, i found two (需要查名字,我發現了兩個)

This is not a tag for robots nor for any automated edits

This page says The fixme key allows contributors to mark objects (…), and I think contributors means "humans" contributors with "manual" contributions, not automatic bot editing and adding mass of fixme everywhere to flood other interesting "fixme" requests of other mappers.

inside FIXME, give always information who need to be verificated: location approximation, relation, tag, … Remenber that another contributor could not understand with a quiet FIXME.

Tools showing those fixme-tags

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