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作者: Victor Schreb & contributors
執照: GPL v3 (free or 5.99€)
平臺: Android、​ iOS和 BlackBerry OS
版本: 4.7.1 (2024-02-06)
語言: 英文、​俄文、​德文、​法文、​阿拉伯文、​保加利亞文、​波士尼亞文、​捷克文、​丹麥文、​西班牙文、​巴斯克文、​芬蘭文、​希伯來文、​印地文、​匈牙利文、​亞美尼亞文、​印尼文、​義大利文、​jp、​喬治亞文、​韓文、​義大利文、​拉脫維亞文、​馬拉地文、​荷蘭文、​挪威文、​波蘭文、​葡萄牙文、​羅馬尼亞文、​斯洛伐克文、​塞爾維亞文、​瑞典文、​烏克蘭文、​越南文和中文
網站: https://osmand.net
源代碼: https://code.google.com/p/osmand/source/checkout
程式語言: Java和C++

Navigation, Routing(online-offline), OSM map display (tiles or vector) (offline), POI and address search (offline), submit OSM bugs and POI, mark favorites, public transport info etc. Actively developed.

OsmAnd (homepage) 是以OpenStreetMap為基底,在Android系統上的導航應用程式。



  • OsmAnd+:5.99歐元,無使用限制;
  • OsmAnd:免費,但有使用限制;
  • OsmAnd~:免費,無使用限制 (donate link),透過非官方market「F-Droid」自由捐款;
  • 以及OsmAnd-default.apk下載點nightly build .apk(但請注意此版本「可能不穩定」或具實驗性,同時也無法自動更新。)



Hints for using offline map data:

  • offline map data files that can be used with OsmAnd have *.obf as file extension.
  • in latest versions of these map files all vector map data, POIs and address indexes for offline search are included.
  • you can generate your own *.obf files by getting fresh raw OSM data for example via geofabrik.de or cloudmade.com, then process these osm files with OsmAndMapCreator (Java program for desktop PC) that is offered at Osmand's Google-website (try to get latest nightly build).
  • when you have several *.obf files for single regions of a certain country, you can combine them with inspector.bat or inspector.sh that is delivered with OsmAndMapCreator. Start this script on a command line without any parameters to see all options and proceed.
  • Maybe there is a named street in the OSM data, but OsmAnd cannot find it via its offline address search? Run the above mentioned inspector with parameter -v and [nameofyourmapfile].obf >list.txt ... this will give you a text file with all places that are within that obf file and all streets that are associated to that place. Thus you can find out whether OsmAnd's street list is incomplete (this can have several reasons like missing administrative borders etc.)

Categories for POIs include:

sustenance (bar, bbq, biergarten, cafe, drinking_water, fast_food, food_court, pub, restaurant)
education (college, kindergarten, library, school, university)
transportation (bicycle_parking, bicycle_rental, bus_station, car_rental, car_sharing, car_wash, ferry_terminal, fuel, grit_bin, parking, taxi)
finance (atm, bank, bureau_de_change)
healthcare (baby_batch, dentist, doctors, first_aid, hospital, pharmacy, veterinary)
entertainment (architect_office, arts_centre, brothel, cinema, community_center, fountain, nightclub, sauna, stripclub, studio, theatre)
tourism (alpine_hut, artwork, attraction, camp_site, caravan_site, chalet, guest_house, hostel, hotel, information, motel, museum, picnic_site, theme_park, viewpoint, zoo)
historic (archaeological_site, battlefield, boundary_stone, castle, fort, memorial, monument, ruins, wayside_cross, wayside_shrine, wreck)
natural (bay, beach, cave_entrance, cliff, coastline, fell, glacier, heath, land, marsh, mud, peak, sand, scree, scrub, spring, stone, tree, volcano, water, wetland)
shop (alcohol, bakery, beauty, beverages, bicycle, books, boutique, butcher, car, car_repair, charity, chemist, clothes, computer, confectionery, department_store, doityourself, dry_cleaning, electronics, fabrics, farm, florist, funeral_directors, furniture, garden_centre, general, gift, glaziery, greengrocer, hairdresser, hardware, hearing_aids, hifi, ice_cream, jewelry, kiosk, laundry, mall, massage, money_lender, motorcycle, newsagent, optician, organic, outdoor, pawnbroker, second_hand, shoes, sports, stationary, supermarket, tattoo, toys, travel_agency, variety_store, video)
leisure (common, dance, dog_park, fishing, garden, golf_course, ice_rink, nature_reserve, marina, miniature_golf, park, pitch, playground, sports_centre, slipway, stadium, track, water_park)
sport (10pin, archery, athletics, australian_football, baseball, basketball, beachvolleyball, boules, bowls, canoe, chess, climbing, cricket, cricket_nets, croquet, cycling, diving, dog_racing, equestrian, football, golf, gymnastics, hockey, horse_racing, ice_stock, korfball, motor, multi, orienteering, paddle_tennis, paragliding, pelota, racquet, rowing, rugby, shooting, skateboard, skating, skiing, soccer, swimming, table_tennis, team_handball, tennis, toboggan, volleyball)
other (bench, clock, courthouse, crematorium, embassy, emergency_phone, fire_hydrant, fire_station, grave_yard, hunting_stand, internet_access, marketplace, place_of_worship, police, post_box, post_office, prison, public_building, recycling, shelter, telephone, toilets, townhall, vending_machine, waste_basket, waste_disposal)

Adding pois and addresses

OsmAnd can be set to upload points of interest offline or online. If it is set up for offline, the pois have to be manually uploaded. Otherwise they are uploaded instantly to the OSM database.

To add a poi

  • Click on a location on the map you want the poi to appear
  • Click on the gray location box
  • Select "Create POI"
  • Type in the information in each of the fields. The other box automatically adds the key for each value selected.
    • Adding address is still a little clunky but can be done.
    • Select "Advanced Mode"
    • Select "Add Tag"
    • Type "A" in the tag box. You can't see the whole field, so you just have to remember what spot each value is in.
    • Type the value in
  • Click submit

Customizing OsmAnd

Create your own maps

See OsmAndMapCreator

Define your own rendering style

Start from the default rendering file: https://github.com/osmandapp/Osmand/blob/master/DataExtractionOSM/src/net/osmand/render/default.render.xml

Edit the file as you wish and place it on your device under osmand/rendering

Select custom rendering in OsmAnd