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The legal maximum height in metres
Group: Restrictions
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should not be used on nodesmay be used on waysmay be used on areasuse on relations unspecified
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maxheight expresses a height limit for using the way to which the tag is added. In most cases this expresses a legal limit, though there are places where this is used differently. Note that if it is desirable to establish a difference between a legal and a physical maxheight, this should be the lesser of the two. Use the tag maxheight:physical=* for physical height limits.

How to Map

For a bridge, the maxheight tag should be set on the way going under the bridge. Only tag the section of the way where the maxheight road signs are. If there are none, only the approximate section of the way which is under the bridge should be tagged with maxheight (see also osm help 3275).

If no unit is included, the value is assumed to be in metres. So for example maxheight=3.8 would mean maximum height is 3.8 m


Height Tagging Remark
Three metres maxheight=3 Alternatively maxheight=3 m could be used.
3.8 metres maxheight=3.8 Please note the dot as decimal separator!
6 feet and 7 inches maxheight=6'7"


Common mistakes

Incorrect values

Often the values themselves are not specified correctly. The following table contains examples of incorrect tags and their correct notation.

Incorrect Explanation Correct
maxheight=3.8m The space between value and unit is missing. maxheight=3.8 m
maxheight=3.8 meters The unit 'meters' is not the correct unit. maxheight=3.8 m or maxheight=3.8
maxheight=0,6 The comma is used as wrong decimal separator. maxheight=0.6 or maxheight=0.6 m
maxheight=7 ft The unit 'ft' is not a correct unit. Use x'y". maxheight=7'0"
maxheight=7' Do not forget to add the inch, even if it is 0. maxheight=7'0"
maxheight=2.3; 7'9" Only one value with unit is allowed. Choose meters or feet/inch maxheight=2.3 m or maxheight=7'9"


These are both UK road signs which show the height feet & inches:

UK Max Height.jpg UK maxheight imperial warning.jpg

See Road signs in the United Kingdom for some other examples of signs

Related tags

  • maxheight:physical=* for when a physical barrier (as opposed to, e.g. the law) limits the height of traffic using the way.
  • barrier=height_restrictor in combination with maxheight=* for intentionally blocking higher vehicles from entering an area, e.g. a car park.
  • access=* for other access restrictions
  • height=* - measurement of height dimensions e.g. for a building

See also

  • Maxheight Map helps you find missing maxheight tags under (railway-)bridges and tunnel/covered. See Wiki-Page for more details.