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Public-images-osm logo.svg tourism = zoo
San Diego Zoo entrance elephant.jpg
Indicates a zoo or zoological garden, where animals are confined
Group: Tourism
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Status: Approved

Zoo (abbreviation for zoological garden or zoological park) is a place that has confined animals on display for viewing by the public. In addition, a zoo may also include unusual specimens of plants.

How to Map

  • Mark the whole area of public zoos and zoological gardens with the tag tourism=zoo.
    • If that's not possible, simply add a node in it's centre.
  • Specify the zoo type using the tag zoo=* (e.g. petting zoo, falconry, etc).
  • Consider mapping any car parks, paths, buildings and amenities such as gift shops, restaurants and cafes.

Photo Examples

See Also

  • Wikipedia Zoo - For the wikipedia article.
  • leisure=picnic_table - For (micro-) mapping a picnic table, which are available in many zoos.
  • zoo=* - For specifying the type of zoo.