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Available languages — WeeklyOSM
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weeklyOSM newsblog


weekly #245

weeklyOSM is the sister project of the German OSM blog (also well known as Wochennotiz). The infrastructure of weeklyOSM was created within the Comenius project "My community and my history in OpenStreetMap" by an international team from five countries and is being consigned, little by little, into the hands of the community.

The aim is to share OSM news in a range of languages in addition to German and English. By nature weeklyOSM will be released several days after the German news.

We were interviewed by OpenCagedata in June 2016 about our Wochennotiz and weeklyOSM and took the chance to report at length.


available languages actual team former members comments
Czech Tomas, Vop, Marián, -
English Anthony, Andy, Manfred, Wided,
Michael, Jinal Foflia, Christoph, Peda, James Morrison, Alex Sims, SrrReal
Andrew, Bogus, Oliver, -
German Marc, Marc Gemis, Christoph, Peda, Michael, Walter, Stephan, Manfred Wochennotiz
Japanese Zoar, muramoto Satoshi IIDA, -
Spanish Laura, Ruben, samely, ediyes Carlos, Susanna, Luis, -
Russian Timofey Lev
former languages
Brazilian Portuguese Vitor, João, Alexandre joined in July 2015
French Emmanuel Dewaele -
Indonesian Adityo -
Romanian Madalina not enough feedback from the community
Turkish Can Unen -

Workflow and Tools


  • Each week the German Wochennotiz team collects information relating to activities and developments in the OpenStreetMap world in OSMBC.
  • The team also checks international mailing lists and includes any news that is relevant. With OSMBC it is possible for every editor the write the issue directly in German and English. The translation from Markdown to HTML is done by OSMBC right away.

What is the function of - Open - Edit - Review - Closed in OSMBC?


See the animated gifs about OSMBC in


Please note: The weeklyOSM is not only a translated German Wochennotiz, the Czech team shows you how they add Czech related content. Of course each team is free to add language specific issues, moreover they deliver interesting news to the whole OSM community via the German Wochennotiz.

OSM wiki

Documentation of our activities. The English version should be seen as the main page, to which all other languages should relate.

Amount of work

For each available language there are about three people needed to provide a level of satisfying quality. Translating is of course a big part, but also proofreading is very important.

Related Projects


group communication via slack using the iPhone-app

Team members often communicate by email, as this "simply works anytime and anywhere". We aim to focus communication in the future and move most elements to Slack. Slack offers group communication in convenient way, it runs in a web browser, can be access via apps for mobile devices, supports xmpp and irc and is proving to be very efficent.

Want to join us?

We are always grateful of help from mappers (and also non-mappers!). As you can see, each weeklyOSM release includes a lot of recurring work and support would be appreciated. You can really help (even if you have limited time). This could involve translating some parts or helping to proofread articles. This way you will be able to read the news before any other does ;-) Email: theweeklyosm at gmail dot com or via blog


The blogs are delivered by Wordpress running on web servers. As of mid 2016 the English language version is hosted at http://www.weeklyosm.eu and the German version at https://blog.openstreetmap.org. The Wordpress configuration, webserver configuration are recorded to some degree on this wiki. There are also notes about the performance of the site in terms of making sure the page loads quickly and correctly for all readers.


Details of design conventions, logos etc are recorded on the /Branding subpage

Current tasks

  • 2015-05-31 building up this wiki page


Send us an email


weeklyOSM newsblog
weeklyOSM at twitter