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MychOSM - My community and my history in OpenStreetMap

Welcome - Bienvenido - Benvido - Bine ați venit - Willkommen
KMK Star Urkunde 2016.pdf EST Star.png
Gruppenfoto.jpg Osm bbz sab.jpg Nacional Vértice Geodésico.jpg
Part of the team in Kingston upon Hull, UK
Meeting in Kingston upon Hull:
Mapping, [[ES:MychOSM/A Guarda#Nuestras traduciones|Translating], and produce weeklyOSM
Students from four countries came together for a Comenius school project MychOSM preparing field research on historical and geographical sites. This A0 print of OpenStreetMap was made using Mapwebbing. Students on top of Monte Santa Trega
a "Nacional Vértice Geodésico"
most of them with OSMTracker ;-)

What are the aims of MychOSM?

  • To ensure that the OSM maps in the regions of the participating schools are up to date. If not, the students will track new routes and introduce the necessary POIs;
  • To map historical monuments, and in Germany especially, Stolpersteine;
  • To improve the database, produce related services (routing, historic maps) and make it available in all participating countries using Web 2.0 technology;
  • To organise the technical content so that it can be put onto the communities’ websites, and so that the political and social dimension of these new techniques can be readily discussed.

Results and products of the MychOSM project

Our schools in OSM - of course a sustainable result of the project ;-)


Learning material

Historic Place Map

The Historic Place site (formerly known as Historical Objects) is available in Spanish, Turkish, Galician, Romanian, thanks to Comenius MychOSM.

Our translations for the Historic Place map
You miss your language: contact the Historic Place map team

The results below ... and ... the Historic Place map team says thank you to the students from MychOSM. :-)

Historic map languages.PNG Historical objects map.PNG


The Routing Machine GraphHopper is available in more than 35 languages. MychOSM coordinates the translation via this spreadsheet.

The printscreen shows Graphhopper in Romanian with an OSM layer - Click on the image and Graphhopper opens in the first language of your browser.
GraphHopper in Galician Language - Please click on the image to "go live".

Training papers (English only)

Download of training papers or in .pdf or in OpenDocumentFormat (.odt, odp)
.pdf to print as it is .odt, .odp adapt the paper to your needs and print your own version Remarks
Using Turbo Overpass API Using Turbo Overpass API Using Turbo Overpass API Example: all schools in Hull - and with the Wizard: all Stolpersteine in Germany
Quality assurance - how to discover errors Quality assurance - how to discover errors Quality assurance - how to discover errors
Keys and Values cheating paper Keys and Values cheating paper Keys and Values cheating paper
Mapping for Tourism Mapping for Tourism Mapping for Tourism
Mapping for Humanitarian OSM Team Mapping for Humanitarian OSM Team Mapping for Humanitarian OSM Team the HOT Task Manager

help to translate the tasking manager:

HowTo's for weeklyOSM
HowTo translate HowTo translate HowTo translate
HowTo proofread HowTo proofread HowTo proofread
HowTo publish HowTo publish HowTo publish

The weekly news from the OSM world: weeklyOSM

Our spin-off - weeklyOSM

Weekly OSM logo
weeklyOSM Team - Influential Writing Award from OSMFoundation

My community and my history in OpenStreetMap will also contribute to this blog, from which various messages from the OSM world are publicised to a wider audience. The main source of all our news is translated from the German-language “Wochennotiz“. Our blog has received considerable positive and encouraging feedback from the community; the best response has been from Satoshi IIDA a Japanese mapper, who has offered to translate the weekly OSM messages into Japanese. Now, we are proud to have also a French and Czech version. A version in Bahasa Indonesia and Portugues do Brasil complete the additional translations available until the end of the Comenius project; weeklyOSM will be continued with the support of the OSM community.

The project developed the infrastructure for weeklyOSM using Wordpress to host the Blog. Twitter and various mailing lists were used to disseminate information. Effective communication was achieved throught eh use of mailing lists, accounts on Rizzonma and , more recently,

  • Read more about the WeeklyOSM spin-off
  • Want to join the team? Write an email to: theweeklyosm at gmail dot com

Examples of weeklyOSM tweets in English and Spanish

Some screenshots

Weekly3 1.png Weekly2.PNG Blog in news of wiki.png
Weekly languages.PNG 245 jp.png Twitter weekly.png

Comenius MychOSM as a part of the OpenStreetMap project

This MindMap is derivated from a former Mindmap - but own work :)
.pdf zum Ausdrucken
MychOSM MM.pdf
To enlarge, click on the MindMap to get the original .pdf

Created maps

These maps were created with uMap
Information for a meeting in Saarburg
. . . . * Hotel-Train-Station-School in Saarburg
* Touristic Highlights - Saar - Obermosel
Touristic Places in ...
* A Guarda
* Istanbul
* Kingston upon Hull
* York
* Hull - City of Culture 2017 Venues and Attractions
Derivated Maps
* Via Cruzis in A Guarda, Galicia, Spain - in and Historic Place
* AleTrail and Fishtrail in Kingston upon Hull, UK -

Problems and solutions

Seven, Three, Four, Five

7-3-4-5 Comments
Who applied for?
We wrote the application (including objectives, work plan and timetable) with seven partners. Unfortunately, only three partners were approved. The three successful applicants invited another partner experienced in OSM and customized the objectives and rewrote the work plan and timetable. Nearly half a year after the start of the project it was necessary to incorporate an inexperienced partner. That meant customising objectives and rewriting the workplan and timetable again.
Welcome Romania
To have an other experienced partner on board, the three approved partners welcomed the school from Romania.
See the partners on the map: We are Partners
Click on the map and you go directy to an online OSM based map.
See BBS Saarburg / Hermeskeil - one school two places
Half a year after the project started, on February 17 2014, our Turkish partner was approved.
... See on this map zoomable map where all schools are located exactly

Solution: We customised the objectives and rewrote the workplan and the timetable twice.

Mapping archeological sites - Castro de Santa Trega

Mapping Santa Trega
How to do it?
  • in Trier - Kaiserthermen: [1]
  • in Rome - Basilica Iulia [2]

(Zecke a member of the community had the answer for us: [3])

Was mir in Trier nicht gefällt: Die Kaiserthermen sind komplett als ein Gebäude erfasst, ob wohl es ja eher ein Ansammlung von Mauern, Ruinen und erhaltenen Gewölben ist mit viel Rasen dazwischen. Da würde ich die Objekte eher einzeln erfassen und mit einer heritage-Relation zu den Kaiserthermen zusammenfassen. barrier=wall ist nun eine echte Zusatzinformation, die im ersten Beispiel gar nicht vorkommt. Ansonsten sind historic=ruins und ruins=yes beides valide Taggings. Wenn der Ruinenaspekt im Vordergrund steht, vielleicht eher letzteres, wenn dir eigentliche Funktion des Objekts im Vordergrund stehen soll, ruins lieber als Attribut, ebenso historic. Ansonsten gilt aber auch, je detaillierter, desto besser. Wenn man also genauer weiß, was für ein Gebäude es war, z.B. building=church; ruins=yes; historic=yes.

Communication and visibility

The project in the media

Classic media

Twitter, Facebook


Saarburg NOC 2013.jpg
Talk in A Guarda OSM meeting November 2013 Saarburg
Signing a Cooperation Contract with Romanian Partner
left: developing/customizing weeklyOSM
right: Translation of Historc Map into Spanish and Galego

Images of the Week

Iotw june.png

Project Management

We used Life Long Learning Mapping project#Tools for project management the same tools for our project management as the BoostOSM project.

As we had to completely re-organise the project several times we had a meeting of the steering committee only in November 2013 in Germany.

To coordinate the spin-off weeklyOSM with partners who are not members of the Comenius project (Japan, France, Czech Republic, Indonesia and Brasil) we used the free tool slack.

How can I apply for a similar project?

For more information about Comenius (now Erasmus +) projects in general, please contact your "National Agency" in your country.