2010 07 Pakistan Floods/Mapping Coordination

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Red and Yellow areas are "moderate" and "severe" affected regions of this releifweb map. That's overlayed on the OpenCycleMap terrain view here.

Blue outlines show the Yahoo imagery coverage. We have hi-res imagery in these area (only pre-floods)

This is an update to an earlier image, now showing affected areas further South.


What needs to be mapped?

See: Mapping Tasks.

How to map

If you're new to mapping for OpenStreetMap you can get tutorials and further instructions made for Haiti see here.

Please upload frequently to avoid conflicts!

Data collection

  • Collection and freeing of other data sources (vector and raster), for names, features. And for imagery outside pre-flood Yahoo hi-res
  • Connect with individuals familiar with Pakistani geography

Coordination of tracing/mapping efforts

Please add your name here. 

Shared spreadsheet available at

To do

Identify Towns Affected

  • using information from media, official reports and other sources list any towns you can identify in OSM and enter them in the #Regions section below. Also:
    • put a link to them on the map
    • note if they are covered by good imagery so that people can start tracing.

Identify Towns Likely to be affected

If you have an understanding of hydrology and climate science post the list of locations towns you think may need help down the track especially if the rains persist.

Update OSM of Flooded Areas

Locating Safe Areas

add details...

Affected Roads & Transport Links

add details ...

Areas at Risk Downstream

According to Jeff Masters 20-AUG-201 on Weather Underground, "flood heights have risen today close to the all-time record for the Indus River gauge station nearest to the coast, Kotri" (link includes water gauges along the Indus). Kotri is currently (20-AUG-2010) minimally mapped.

Anything else you know is important

Feel free to add things as they become important ...

Affected Region & Towns

The floods are described as deluge of water flowing south from Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa. Monsoon rainfall cause torrential flooding in the river valleys of the mountainous regions in the north (approx map), and further flash flooding could occur here but floodwaters amass further South, particularly along the path of the Indus river (map). NASA’s Terra satellite captured these images on July 31, 2010 http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/IOTD/view.php?id=44991

Please list regions of Pakistan that were affected by floods in the July/August 2010 monsoonal rains. Most of the names of the affected regions are sourced from Red Crescent's report at: http://www.reliefweb.int/rw/rwb.nsf/db900sid/MYAI-87W2K2/$File/full_report.pdf Updated for UN OCHA 6 August 2010 Situation Report [1]

For more information on Districts, see: KMZ of Pakistan Districts (some of the affected areas below highlighted in red), the original data source, or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Districts_of_Pakistan


Formatting (until we have something better):

  • Province
    • District
      • City/Town

Continue to add regions, or links to OSM/ wikipedia.

Location of Relief Centers

  • Nowshera, KP, Pakstain
  • Peshawar, KP, Pakistan

Requests from Responders

Responders on the ground are making requests for specific thematic and geographic data sets. Please specify time, who, and where the request was made. If possible, please communicate with them if the request has been filled. Think of this a lightweight ticketing system.

Contact for relief agencies

Red Crescent

To know how you can contribute and help the Pakistan’s Monsoon Flood affected people please contact:

Mr. Amjad Marketing and Fundraising amjad.nhq@prcs.org.pk +92-51-9250489

For Further information and coordination please contact: Ms. Asfia Firdaus Planning and Reporting asfia.nhq@prcs.org.pk +92-51-9250489(90) +92-3145013360