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Who's Helping

Category:Users in Pakistan has 9 members, plus 2 subcategories as of 12:04, 5 August 2010 (BST). If you are a User in Pakistan, please add yourself to this category.

Please add your name to the bottom of the list below...

  • Andygates filling in blanks with Perry-Castanenda placenames and footling in Faisalabad.
  • Archenfield Yahoo tracing
  • Ceyockey — Planning to do occasional imagery tracing and some "wikifiddling" if needed
  • dancelis— doing some Yahoo tracing in SUKKUR, please help if you have better data (streetnames, places...)
  • flointl— Yahoo tracing in SUKKUR/JACOBABAD region
  • Hadhuey— mainly Yahoo tracing
  • krasul — Yahoo tracing as well as coordinating gps trackers in and around Multan
  • LastGrape/Gregory — done some Yahoo tracing.
  • Lyx Some aerial tracing around Multan
  • Morten Jagd Christensen — Yahoo tracing Mardan area - many roads, waterways and residental landuse (a few power lines and buildings whereever possible) - need placenames and road classification help
  • neuhausr — Yahoo tracing, some place names from DMA maps
  • Paul The Archivist — Yahoo tracing
  • Samlarsen1 — Yahoo tracing
  • Sharlin — Yahoo tracing
  • Xbear— mainly Yahoo tracing: SUKKUR
  • YOUR NAME ABOVE THIS LINE (* ~~~ will display your username)

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