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Aerial imagery will, regardless of source, have offsets to the real positions of objects on the ground. While this can be small enough to be ignored, it can be substantially more than typical GPS errors (>> 10 meters) and change over small areas (requiring re-adjustment). It is mandatory that you check this before moving existing OSM data, or adding more.

Potential ways to align and check alignment:

  • existing GPS tracks or high precision POI data
  • existing OSM data

Enable aerial imagery


Unaligned Mapbox or Bing imagery will be displayed for you.



Align aerial imagery


Main article: Using_Imagery#ID
  • Press 'b' when editor is open (or click icon with layers)
  • Then click text "Fix imagery alignment"
  • You will see four arrows to allow you to shift the imagery around.

The imagery offset is not stored between sessions


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