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Community Update From 06 September 2010 to 12 September 2010

Image Of the Week

Hamburger Sommerdom 2010 Mapnik.png

Hamburg has a large carnival three times a year for each 4 weeks. User mbuege maps all the attractions and fast food stands.

Project of The Week

Where are Postboxes? The project of the week is to add postboxes as much as possible.

General news

Mailing Lists Talks

Proposition : New values for Surface

Comming from russia, the new proposal is to be a little more precise when describing a "unpaved" surface depending on weather conditions.

The proposal is to split surface=unpaved into two general values surface=all_weather and surface=ground, the former including surfaces which, being technically unpaved, still do not change their condition dramatically during bad weather (namely, rain), and the latter including those which do change it. The third general value should be surface=ice_road.

See Proposed_features/Surface:all_weather


Craft Proposed to vote

The new proposition "Craft" has been submitted to the vote of users. this proposal wants to reserve shop=* for trade (focused on selling pre produced goods) and creates craft=* for small production on demand and by order. The Vote end on 2010-09-23.


Defining landuse=residential with the housing type

When you use only landuse=residential on a zone, it's a little fuzzy. Someone asked on the ML which tags could be added to the previous, in order to add details into the description. An early proposition about Building attributes was shown. Discussion tend to propose the use of housing=*. But discribing all possible housing type is a hard work that depend much of the differents cultures.


Girona STOM video

Video from STOM 2010 are available at the State Of The Map 2010 page.

Differences between electric tower and poles

Differences between power=pole and power=tower are quite not clear for everyone. Is it a distinction of size? or is it the material? shouldn't we use a common name with an other tag to distinct the type ( dipole, u_frame, a_frame,...)?

Different kind of tower/pole can be found on User:NE2/power.


Tagging tree: "single tree" or "special tree"

On the wiki, natural=tree is described as a Special / recognizable tree used as landmark. But the usage slide to every "ordinary" tree. The problem is that people continue to map accordingly to the documentation wiki and if the definition change, this information about the "special status" of the tree will be lost. Proposition where made to change all distinctable trees, and also of course, to change all ordinary trees. While there were no final descision, a bot has been made to add denotation=cluster all trees that has another tree in 50 meters around. And it makes a lot of people angry.