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Community Update From 01 November 2010 to 07 November 2010

Image Of the Week


One year after the French land cover import, 69% of the country is informed in land cover [1]

Project of The Week : Stay a While

Have a toothache and the dentist will see you tomorrow? Perhaps a mild analgesic will help you sleep restfully. New shoes are a little tight? This bunion cushion might take the pressure off while your shoes and feet adjust to each other. The pharmacy might not be your first choice of a place to be but you'll be happy to find a pharmacy that's open late, in a strange town, when you need one. Let's add the local pharmacies to OpenStreetMap.



How to : Invent a good Tag

The inventor of taginfo has shared some toughts on how to invent a good tag.

Voting on right left

Many keys apply usually to both sides/directions of streets, but sometimes it would be useful to limit them to one side. For example a cycleway may only exist on one side, or on one side as cycleway=lane and on the other as cycleway=track.

This proposition add a set ":left" or ":right" to add to a key to describe the side of the feature.

Like : highway=tertiary + cycleway:right=track

This feature is now proposed to the votes.


OSM data in Google Map

Some times ago, the OSM Foundation was called to manage a problem of data between OSM and google. In fact, a contributor have seen some of his OSM data copied into google Map.

SteveC has contacted someone at google's office that has quickly react.
Last week Steve Coast contacted us to let us know that he had identified what may have been OpenStreetMap data in Google Maps of Colombia.
We investigated the matter and determined that one of our providers had  indeed included OSM data in the data-set they provided to us,
once we learned this we removed the data as quickly as possible. 

I would personally like to thank Steve for pointing out this problem to us, and would like to apologise to the OSM community for the unwitting use of your work in this way.
Although we feel unable to license OSM data at present, we remain supporters of the project, and we will without question act in a similar way if the rights of the OSM community and your data is abused.



Url Or Website?

Both url=* and website=* are used to describe a website in the OSM db. According to taginfo, there us 3,5 times more often "url" (260 000) than "website" (66 800). The question about what are the rules for url mapping in OSM was asked.

It seems that "website" is used usally to describe an "official website for a feature" and url is used for lots of different stuff, including Wikipedia links, photographs and internal (= intended for other mappers) documentation.


Black & White OSM Layer

People sometimes complaint about the clutter of the default render. Here someone proposed a new render that is only black and white to desaturate the map.

The render is proposed with or without additional icons.

This announce slip whit another render that is also beautiful : the Glitter render!


Art gallery To the votes

3 Years ago, someone has made proposition of tag for Art galleries. This proposition has been stuck a while, and have now reach the voting point. This proposition aims to categorised art galleries but not privates galleries or museums.

Let's add your opinion.


Forming of a wiki team

Some users has suggested to create a wiki team to assist people on the wiki. Tagging outdated pages, managing templates or big pages, are the kind of jobs where the Wikiteam can help.

Want to be part of it?



Thanks to !i! for the hand.