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Community Update from 07 February 2011 to 13 February 2011 (week 2011-06)

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Image Of the Week 2011-06


Campus map uploaded to OSM by University of Delaware (and see the selectable vector buildings on their website!)

Project Of The Week : Florist

Has the weather looked a bit monochromatic lately? Let's brighten things up a bit by mapping something colorful. How about a flower shop? Flowers, bouquets, corsages and arrangements for events are available from a florist shop.

Flowers, Dublin, October 2010 (01).JPG

News Of The Week

Software Updates

RFC : New place values

A new proposition want to refine the place=* to be able to choose the most important cities.

As usual, please add your comments on the Talk Page or in the Tagging list.


3D modelling Talks

The OSM community talks more and more about 3D. Many projects try to add a layer or a special render to show this kind of informations on OpenStreetMap data. Facing the big growth of interest, a wiki page has been started about solutions to manage 3D.

If you are interested or you have some knowledge in 3D check this page


RFC: Stamping Point

This proposition defines a tag for points of interest where a hiker can validate the reach of a checkpoint. It basically uses tourism=stamping_point to mark those checkpoints.

Make your comments on the Talk Page or in the Tagging list.


Vote on Scuba Diving

The previously proposed scuba diving feature aims to wrap up some scuba diving tags used by the community and officialize them into a proposition.

Some tags are added and some are marked as deprecated.

Please add your vote on the Voting Page.

UserGroup Template

A new template has been created on the wiki to list OSM user groups. When groups use this template on the page of the group, they will appear on the map of OSM groups



Big thanks to !i!, TomashPilshchik for the help