Dayton, Ohio

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Dayton, Ohio, United States

latitude: 39.7589478, longitude: -84.1916069
Browse map of Dayton 39°45′32.21″ N, 84°11′29.78″ W
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Dayton is a city in Ohio, United States at latitude 39°45′32.21″ North, longitude 84°11′29.78″ West.


Use this comparison table to choose the right aerial imagery layer to use when mapping.

Bing Streetside has extensive omnidirectional street-level imagery of Montgomery, Greene, Butler, and Warren counties and Springfield, but this imagery is from 2012–2014 and should be supplemented with other sources where possible. Mapillary covers most highways in Greater Dayton and most of Logan County. OpenStreetCam has similar coverage, including more recent coverage along the Interstates.

Permission was received to use the Montgomery County GIS data for importing addresses.

See Ohio/Imports for potential sources of data to import.


There hasn't been a meetup or mapping party focused on the Greater Dayton area – you're welcome to start one.

Find non-wiki-using mappers using Who's around me? Be sure to subscribe to the talk-us mailing list, where the broader U.S. mapping community discusses tagging, imports, policy, evangelization, and more. If you have any questions, you can also ask on the #ohio channel of the U.S. community's Slack workspace (join).

Please introduce your friends to OpenStreetMap! Reach out to enthusiast communities in orienteering, urban planning, and open source. Show a local trivia buff the old_name=* and name:etymology=* tags; show a road fan the route networks page.

OSM in the wild


Every news media outlet in Dayton plots its online Doppler radar against an OSM-based basemap by Mapbox:


  • Link Dayton's Android and iOS applications plot station locations against an OSM-based basemap and display OSM-based routes to stations, powered by Mapbox.
  • The Butler County RTA plots bus routes against the standard OSM basemap (example).

Community services


In the Greater Dayton area, OSM has good coverage of:

  • Miami Valley bike trail network
  • Cul-de-sacs (aka turning circles)
  • High-voltage power lines and towers
  • Alleys

To do

  • Add buildings beyond downtown areas.
  • Realign roads to more recent imagery such as OSIP.
  • Add street details such as lane counts, speed limits, sidewalks, crosswalks, and speed bumps.
  • Identify tornado sirens using OSIP, Mapbox, and Bing Streetside imagery.
  • Upgrade businesses to have brand tags suggested by iD. (Make sure to preserve more specific names and curly apostrophes if present.)