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OSM data validation related information that is useful for the Digitransit project is being collected to this page. This is a work in progress, so do not consider it necessarily even as correct information.

Tag related validation

Tagging affects routing, geocoding as well as map rendering and therefore changes to the tags are interesting. Change here means that a tag is added, the value of existing tag is changed or a tag is deleted.

Routing related changes

At least changes to the following tags are interesting:

Geocoding related changes

All tag combinations used in geocoding (these are listed in https://github.com/HSLdevcom/openstreetmap/blob/master/config/features.js):

Misc. tag changes

Unwanted tagging

See the list in the Google docs.

Railway crossings

This information should help knowing the tags that prevent or allow crossing the railways and that are used in routing. The viewpoint is the Digitransit project. The main idea is to prevent illegal and unsafe routing when possible.



OTP source code

Example: a railway crossing in Leppävaara, Espoo

Support of the node access tagging is coming to the routing.

OSM elements:

Digitransit routing:

  • correct routing, situation 25th of Jan. 2017
  • wrong routing, situation 25th of Jan. 2017. Support of the node access tagging is coming to the routing.

Some Overpass Turbo examples to find highway tagged paths crossing railways

Other routing related validations

Example: barrier=gate + access=private

Support in routing is coming for this node tagging:

  • TODO...