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موارد ذیل مناسبت‌هایی هستند که در حال حاضر و یا به زودی روی می‌دهند. خود را برای آنها آماده کنید!

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Event Calendar edit
7 دسامبرMapRoulette Community Meeting
7 دسامبرSouth Bay Map NightSan Jose, California, United States
7 دسامبرMissing Maps London MapathonWestminster, England, United Kingdom
7 دسامبرOSM-Verkehrswende #30 (Online)Berlin, Berlin, Germany
7 دسامبرVirtuelles Niederbayern-TreffenKothingeichendorf, Landau an der Isar, Bavaria, Germany
7 دسامبرStuttgarter Stammtisch (Online)Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
8 دسامبرCASA talk: Ramya Ragupathy, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
8 دسامبرLondon pub meet-upLondon, England, United Kingdom
8 دسامبرMichigan MeetupMichigan, United States
9 دسامبرMissing Maps mapathon Slovakia online #5Old Town, Bratislava, Region of Bratislava, Slovakia
9 دسامبر3. Virtueller OpenStreetMap Stammtisch ÖsterreichGroßarl, Salzburg, Austria
9 دسامبرRencontre mensuelle des contributeurs de Montrouge et alentoursMontrouge, Ile-de-France, France
10 دسامبر162. Berlin-Brandenburg OpenStreetMap StammtischBerlin, Berlin, Germany
11 دسامبر[Online] 15th Annual General Meeting of the OpenStreetMap Foundation
13 دسامبرOSM Grenoble Atelier OpenStreetMapGrenoble, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France
13 دسامبرOSM x Wikidata Taipei #35Huashan, Taipei, Taiwan
13 دسامبرOSMF Engineering Working Group meeting
14 دسامبرToronto OpenStreetMap Enthusiasts Meeting
14 دسامبرMappingDC Mappy HourWashington, District of Columbia, United States
14 دسامبرHamburger MappertreffenHamburg, Germany
14 دسامبرEast Midlands OSM Pub Meet-up : DerbyDerby, England, United Kingdom
14 دسامبرReunión mensual de la comunidad española
18 دسامبر幕末京都オープンデータソン#15:岩倉具視と岩倉村Kyoto, Japan
21 دسامبرRencontre mensuelle LyonLyon, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France
21 دسامبر146. Treffen des OSM-Stammtisches BonnBonn, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
21 دسامبرLüneburger Mappertreffen (online)Lüneburg, Lower Saxony, Germany
25 دسامبر京都!街歩き!マッピングパーティ:第28回 智積院Kyoto, Japan
27 دسامبرBremer Mappertreffen (Online)Bremen, Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, Germany
29 دسامبرDüsseldorfer OSM-Treffen (online)Dusseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
11 ژانویهReunión mensual de la comunidad españolaHelechosa de los Montes, Extremadura, Spain
13 ژانویهOSM-Treffen Bochum (Januar) ONLINEBochum, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
15 ژانویهEPN des Rancy : Technique de cartographie et d'éditionLyon, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France
18 ژانویه147.Treffen des OSM-Stammtisches Bonn
29 ژانویهReunión Trimestral OSM-LatAmBogota, Colombia
5 فوریهEPN des Rancy : Technique de cartographie et d'éditionLyon, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France
8 فوریهMappingDC Mappy HourWashington, District of Columbia, United States
15 فوریه148.Treffen des OSM-Stammtisches Bonn
16 فوریهStammtisch KölnCologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
9–12 مارسFOSSGIS 2022Marburg, Hesse, Germany
9 مارس4. Virtueller OpenStreetMap Stammtisch ÖsterreichGroßarl, Salzburg, Austria
12 مارسEPN des Rancy : Technique de cartographie et d'éditionLyon, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France
15 مارس149.Treffen des OSM-Stammtisches Bonn
1–3 آوریلState of the Map USTucson, Arizona, United States
12 آوریلMappingDC Mappy HourWashington, District of Columbia, United States
19 آوریل150.Treffen des OSM-Stammtisches Bonn
17 مه151.Treffen des OSM-Stammtisches Bonn
14 ژوئنMappingDC Mappy HourWashington, District of Columbia, United States
21 ژوئن152.Treffen des OSM-Stammtisches Bonn
19 جولای153.Treffen des OSM-Stammtisches Bonn
9 اوتMappingDC Mappy HourWashington, District of Columbia, United States
16 اوت154.Treffen des OSM-Stammtisches Bonn
20 سپتامبر155.Treffen des OSM-Stammtisches Bonn
11 اکتبرMappingDC Mappy HourWashington, District of Columbia, United States
18 اکتبر156.Treffen des OSM-Stammtisches Bonn
15 نوامبر157.Treffen des OSM-Stammtisches Bonn
20 دسامبر158.Treffen des OSM-Stammtisches Bonn

You are welcome to add upcoming events, conferences, seminars and other opportunities where OpenStreetMap might be promoted to this calendar. To do so, please follow this link to Template:Calendar and click 'Edit'. If editing wiki tables is new to you, we recommend that you copy an existing table row (each new row starts with "|-" and ends just before the next occurrence of "|-" marking the start of the next row, or "|}" marking the end of the table) and edit the details as appropriate.

The above calendar box appears on the Main Page and Current events.

On 2020-12-18 the calendar has been replaced (as announced) with osmcal. Please add all events to OpenStreetMap Calendar, they will appear here soon afterwards, as well as on some other sites in the OSM universe.

How to update the calendar

To add a new event to the calendar, go to OSMCal, grant OSMCal access to your OpenStreetMap account, and add an event.


{{Calendar|country=ISO 3166 code|language=BCP 47 code}}

By default, the calendar displays all upcoming events, regardless of location, with dates formatted in the current page's language (as determined by {{Langcode}}). To limit the events to a particular country, set the |country = parameter. To format dates in a different language, set the |language = parameter.

Inserts a table of upcoming events related to OpenStreetMap.

Template parameters

This template prefers block formatting of parameters.


Limits the events to a single country based on an ISO 3166 code.

Every event is displayed regardless of location.

Formats dates based on a BCP 47 code (such as an ISO 639 code).

The current page’s language based on its title.

توصیه‌هایی در مورد سازماندهی مناسبت برای توسعه‌دهندگان

Developer events, also known as "hack days", "hack weekends" and "hackathons", are meetings of developers to discuss, network and collaborate with other developers, designers, documenters, and others with an interest in software.

If you are organising one of these events, then you may like to read our Engineering Working Group's advice.

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