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Conference Dec. 29 Frederik giving an OSM talk at 24c3 in Berlin
Social Dec. 29 Meeting of OSM-Users at 24c3 in Berlin (8.00 p.m.)
Social Dec. 18, 8pm Informal Oxford pub Xmas meetup, at the Jericho Tavern
Social Dec. 18, 19:00 People interested in OSM meet in München/Germany
Conference Dec. 13 Fabian and Hanno giving an OSM talk at cccs in Stuttgart
Social Dec 7 OSM Christmas Party, The Porter House, Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, London from 6:00pm till late
Mapping party Dec 8-9 Newcastle Mapping Event
Mapping party Dec 8-9 Medway Mapping party
Mapping party Nov 30, Dec 1-2 Toronto Mapping Weekend
Social Nov 29 Brighton 1.0 Map Launch! Part of the Brighton Digital Festival. Save the date, more details soon...
Social Nov 29 Henk giving an OSM talk at Noord-Nederland Open borrel in Groningen
Conference Nov 28 Adrian is giving a talk on OSM at Geekdinner in Cape Town, South Africa
Social Nov 28 Blackadder hosting a Birmingham orientated social meet. Contact him if you would like to attend.
Conference Nov 26 EdoM is giving a talk on OSM at Lifos Linux User Group in Milano, Italy
Conference Nov 24 Richard is giving a talk on OSM at LinuxDay in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg, Austria
Mapping party Nov 24-25 Dutch Mapping & More Party, Netherlands - location Open Media, Utrecht.
Conference Nov. 22 Dublin - User:SteveC recruiting mappers at 7pm in the HEAnet offices at the IFSC, Dublin, Ireland.
Mapping party Nov. 22 Braunschweiger Mappingtrip to Salzgitter, Germany
Mapping party Nov. 11 Cape Town - Noordhoek, first mapping party in South Africa
Mapping party Nov. 10-11 John McKerrell organising Liverpool mapping party
Mapping party Nov. 10-11 gvSIG Valencia mapping party
Conference Nov. 5-9 Mikel holding an OSM workshop at the FAO Geonetwork meeting
Conference Nov. 5-8 Steve talking about OSM at Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin
Social Nov. 7 Berlin Mini Meet
Social Nov. 6 Braunschweig Mini meet, 21:00 Monkey Island, Germany
Social Nov. 2 Pub meeting in Madrid
Conference Nov. 1 Steve gave a mySociety Disruptive Tech Talk in London
Social Oct. 23 OSM users are meeting in Munich/Germany, Nachtkantine
Conference Oct. 17-19 Iván Sánchez will discuss licenses at the 4th Spatial Data Infrastructure conference, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Conference Oct. 17 PeterIto speaking at SatNav and Mapping conference Royal Institute of Navigation, UK
Conference Oct. 16 Henk Hoff speaking at The use of OSS in GEO-ICT seminar, Utrecht NL
Mapping party Oct. 12-14 Mapping weekend, Västerås, Sweden.
Mapping party Oct. 12-14 Mapping weekend, Sheffield
Mapping party Oct. 12-14 BCS talk and mapping workshop/weekend, Winchester, Hampshire, England
Conference Oct. 11 Talk by Jochen Topf The World of Neogeography in Hamburg, Germany
Social Oct. 9 Meeting in Hamburg, Germany
Conference Sep. 24-27 User:Steve talking about OSM at Global Roads Workshop in New York
Conference Sep. 27 Henk Hoff speaking at the ePSIplus National Meeting in Utrecht (NL).
Conference Sep. 24-27 Nick B talking about OSM at FOSS4G2007 in Victoria, Canada.
Mapping party Sep. 22-23,27 Victoria mapping party in Canada
Mapping party Sep. 22-23 East Hampshire "Fill The Gap" Footpaths Mapping Party, Petersfield area, Hampshire, England.
Conference Sep. 20 Nick B talking about OSM at AGI Conference 2007 in Stratford-upon-Avon, England.
Mapping party Sep. 20 Dijon mapping party, one of the first mapping parties in France
Mapping party Sep. 15-16 Leeds Mapping Party - Sept 2007 - Map the UK's 3rd largest city!
Conference Sep. 11 Corey Burger OSM talk at Cape Town LUG, South Africa.
Mapping party Sep. 8 Mini mapping party at Madrid, for the AXN spain TV documentary
Mapping party Sep. 8-9 1st Mapping Party in Ljubljana, Slovenia
Mapping party Sep. 8-9 ShoHo Mapping Party, Shoreditch and Hoxton, London, UK
Conference Sep. 8-9 Mikel talking about OSM Brighton v 0.999 at BarCamp Brighton.
Conference Sep. 3-6 Artem talking about Mapnik-OSM and Nick B talking about Open Geodata at Society of Cartographers conference in Portsmouth, UK.
Mapping party Sep. 5 Portsmouth mapping party, mini mapping blitz as part of SoC conference
Conference Sep. 1 The Irish Linux Users Group introduction to the Open Streetmap project, in Dublin.
Mapping party Sep. 1 Isle of Man Mapping Party

(It seems we invented pretty formatted event tables around about August 2007)