Christmas Party 2007

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The OpenStreetMap Christmas Party 2007 past event took place on Friday 7th December at the The Porterhouse in Central London (map)

Good turn out, especially when everyone found where we were (It's a big pub). We drank beers and talked (shouted) about mapping. Later most of us headed to Wagamamas, which was very busy but they still managed to seat all 20-odd people for a meal. Some of us went back to porterhouse after that.

Steve8's poll

I took a straw poll of the party goers with this run-in (Steve8).

"Some of the major OSM players are here at this time. It would be good to have a feel for where folk are going and where they want to go. Please complete the answers below with as much or as little info as you wish (feel free to leave any blank if you want)."

Straw poll on forward plans

Name What I am working in in OSM that folk may not know about yet One thing I would most like to see developed/implemented in OSM soon One improvement to the slippy map (mapnik, osmarender, html) that I would like to see
steve8 Keys for all z levels for mapnik. Tunnel variants for all highway styles for mapnik Easier output of data: by bbox, selectively, by output type Coastline data displaying better at higher zooms
Matt 3D motion tracking and feature identification for small-scale mapping - Real-time update
John McKerrell Mapping party organiser for noobs Users of our maps, version control Export for noobs, faster rendering
Artem Pavlenko Shoreline and curves ... and more Routing Improved low zoom levels. SRTM ?
Ojw Pyroute (but everyone knows that) Server-side routing Relief shading
Harry Wood Ongoing WikiProject Cleanup, Collaboration with Wikipedia Most important quick change would be... -> Make untagged ways appear as sketchy thin lines to facilitate less obtrusive sketching
Morwen trying to source data for checking against from government recent changes dual carriageways shown with central reservations even when ways overlap

Original sign up list:

Did all these people come?

might be coming (did they come?)