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Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, the Netherlands

breedtegraad: 51.923, lengtegraad:4.478
Bekijk de kaart van Rotterdam 51°55′22.80″ N, 4°28′40.80″ E
Bewerk de kaart
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Rotterdam is een grote stad in Zuid-Holland, the Netherlands op breedtegraad 51°55′22.80″ Noord en lengtegraad 4°28′40.80″ Oost.

State of the Map

As of 14.02.2023

Total Number Number missing Completeness %
highway=footway without surface=* 9420 7441 21,0 %
highway=path without surface=* 766 512 33,2 %
highway=cycleway without surface=* 4613 1974 52,2 %
highway=residential without surface=* 7643 2741 64,1 %
amenity=bicycle_parking without capacity=* 743 472 36,5 %
amenity=bicycle_parking without covered=* 743 539 27,5 %


Mapping Parties

20/21 september 2008

Zie Netherlands Mapping Parties 2008 voor meer informatie.

Tweede Party: August 18 2007

De tweede hackingparty wordt gehouden bij onze grote donateur AND Automotive Navigation Data (AND) in Rotterdam. Doel van deze hackingparty is om een geslaagde testrun te maken om de AND Data te importeren in OSM. Er zullen ook enkele mensen van AND aanwezig zijn om vragen te beantwoorden. Maar wanneer je gewoon even lekker wilt gaan mappen, ben je uiteraard ook welkom. We kunnen dan ook precies aangeven wat reeds in kaart is gebracht (door andere mappers en door AND), dus je weet precies wat nog aan de kaart toegevoegd kan/moet worden.

AND Automotive Navigation Data (AND) sponsort deze hackingparty met een lunch. Na afloop zal AND ook een borrel aanbieden.

Saterday 18 august, 10.00 - 18.00

The second hacking party will be held at the office of our donator AND Automotive Navigation Data (AND) in Rotterdam. Goal of this hackingparty is a successfull testrun of the integration of the AND data into OSM. There will also be some guys from AND present to clear up our (hopefully) last questions. However, if you just want to hit the streets and start mapping you are also very welcome. Since the AND data is also available during this party, you can see what still needs to be mapped so you won't be mapping in vain ;-)

AND Automotive Navigation Data (AND) sponsors the hacking party with lunch. At the end of the day there will be drinks and a bitterbal.

Locatie AND office can be found in the Scheepvaartkwartier/Veerhaven in Rotterdam. Address AND:, 4th floor, Van Vollenhovenstraat 3, 3016 BE Rotterdam. Routebeschrijving

Entrance The main door of the building will be closed and you can not ring the doorbell, please take your cell phone with you. The phone number will be available on the poster on the door.

By car Free parking is available at the car park of AND. You can find the car park left from the main entrance. Please follow the instructions at the entrance of the car park.

Public transport Tram 7 from Central Station with the direction Willemsplein Timetable, stop at Vasteland.

Please keep a close watch at the municipality website, because on Sunday 19 August there will be the Bavaria City Racing and roads may be closed.

By Air The closest airport to the AND office is Rotterdam airport. The low cost airline Transavia has flights from many cities across Europe to Rotterdam. An other option may be Eindhoven Airport (Ryanair) or Schiphol/Amsterdam Airport.

Scripts to be tested in Rotterdam.

irc: #osm-nl en #osm


Eerste Party: May 19-20 2007


May 19

May 20


  • Bicycles can be rented at the train station
    • prices start from €6,50/day for the most basic, plus a deposit (starts from €50.-).
    • Valid ID is required.
    • Advisable to call in advance (+31 10 412 62 20 for Rotterdam)
    • More information in the dutch railways website:
    • Nice for drinks and beers, Westelijk Handelsterrein and Westelijk Handelsterrein history. Make sure you take a look as you don't expect this in Rotterdam

OSM information

Rotterdam is defined by a relation with boundary=administrative and admin_level=8 see relation 324431.