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Mapping party Date Discription
Social Dec 14 Penza, Russia
Social Dec 15 Stammtisch Karlsruhe, Germany
Social Dec 14 Hamburger Mappertreffen, Germany
Mapping party Dec 14 Denver, Colorado
Social Dec 14 Washington DC : [1]
Social Oct 16 Bremer Mappertreffen, Germany
Mapping party Oct 16 Midhurst area footpaths party, West Sussex, UK
Mapping party Oct 16 Cartopartie (mapping party), Montreuil-le-Gast, France
Conference Oct 16 Encontro Mineiro de Software Livre, Universidade Federal de Uberlândia, Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, Brasil
Mapping party Oct 16 Montreal_mapping_party/2010 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Social Oct 14 Stammtisch Berlin, Germany
Social Oct 14 Lancaster PA, USA
Social Oct 14 Augsburger Stammtisch, Germany
Conference Oct 14 Facultad de Ingeniería, Universidad Mayor, Santiago, Chile
Social Oct 13 San Luis Obispo, California, USA
Mapping party Oct 13 Bloomsbury mapping evening, London, UK
Social Oct 12 Hamburger Mappertreffen, Germany
Social Oct 12 Niederrhein/Viersen/Stammtisch, Germany
Conference Sep 10-11 OSC2010 Tokyo/Fall, Tokyo, Japan
Social Sep 1 Wiener Stammtisch, Austria
Social Aug 31 Stammtisch Frankfurt/Main, Germany
Mapping party Aug 31 Holborn mapping evening, London, UK
Social Aug 16 OSM-Stammtisch-Odenwald, Germany
Conference Aug 14-15 State of The Map US, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (US SOTM)
Social Aug 15 Bremer Mappertreffen, Germany
Conference Aug 15 Intro to OSM talk @ Summer Camp 2010, Ottawa,Canada
Social Aug 11 9. Zürcher Stammtisch, Switzerland
Social Aug 11 Penza, Russia
Mapping party Aug 7 WikiProject Taiwan/2010, August 7, Tainan, Taiwan
Conference Aug 7 OSC2010Nagoya, Nagoya, Japan
Mapping party Jul 27-29 Kids workshop, Gijón,Spain
Social Jul 14 Wiener Stammtisch, Austria
Social Jul 13 Hamburger Mappertreffen, Germany
Social Jul 12 Stammtisch Zürich@gbanga, Switzerland
Social Jul 12 Mapper-Treffen Landshut, Germany
Social Jul 12 Rostocker Treffen, Germany
Mapping party Jul 10 Cēsis Mapping Party, Cēsis, Latvia
Pizza Jul 5-9 SotM10 Workshops, Girona, Spain
Conference Jul 9-11
Sotm logo xxl.jpg
The State of the Map 2010, Girona, Spain
Conference Jul 9 MapOSMatic RMLL 2010, Bordeaux, France
Conference Jul 9-10 Open Source Conference 2010 Kansai@Kyoto, Japan, JA:Kansai, Kyoto
Conference Jul 9-11 Wikimania, Gdansk, Poland
Jul 11 OSMF AGM, Girona, Spain
Social Jul 8 Stammtisch Berlin
Social Jul 8 SOTM Pre-conference meetup at "City Arms" (map) Girona
Conference Jul 7 OSM for beginner at RMLL 2010, Bordeaux, France
Meeting Jun 12 Mapping Party and chat about setting up GB Chapter, UK
Social Jun 12 Mappa Mercia SatMap, Atherstone, UK
Social Jun 12 Minneapolis Mapping Party, Minneapolis, MN, USA
Mapping party Jun 12 Mapping Party Rigoles de Saclay / Chateau de Versailles, Vauhallan, France
Social Jun 11 7. Zürcher Stammtisch, Switzerland
TV/Press Jun 10 17:30-Sat1-live bringt ab 17.30 Uhr einen Beitrag über „Wir mappen unsere Verbadnsgemeinde“, Germany
Social Jun 10 Stammtisch Augsburg, Germany
Conference Jun 9-12 OSM at Linuxtag 2010, Berlin, Germany
Mapping party Jun 9 Evening mapping & pub Soho, London, UK
Social Jun 9 OSM-fika 2010-06-09 18:00 Café Panorama, Kulturhuset, Stockholm
Social Jun 8 Hamburger Mappertreffen, Germany
Social Jun 8 OSM Cambridge Meetup Ontario, Canada
Meeting Jun 7 des VRS in OSM Cologne, Germany
Social Jun 6 Mappertreffen Dortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Mapping party Jun 5 Mapping party after OSMit2010, Genova, Liguria, Italy
Conference Jun 4-6 Skillshare workshop weekend in Lüneburg, Germany
Conference Jun 3-4 OSMit2010 Italian meeting, Genova, Liguria, Italy
Conference Jun 3 Vortragsabend in Troisdorf, Germany
Social Jun 3 Stammtisch Dresden, Germany
Social Jun 3 Lübecker Mappertreffen, Germany
Social Jun 3 Mappa Mercia Social, Bilston, Black Country, UK
Social Jun 2 OSM / AW-Wiki - Stammtisch Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, Germany
Social Jun 1 OSM-Treff Heilbronn, Germany
Social Jun 1 Stammtisch Braunschweig, Germany
Social May 4 Stammtisch Braunschweig, Germany
Social May 4 OSM-Treff Heilbronn, Germany
Conference May 3 Talk on Navit on TomTom, Hamburg, Germany
Social May 3 Seattle, Washington, United States
Mapping party May 2 Mapping Jagstzell, Germany
Social May 1 OSM-fika 2010-05-01 12:00 Cafe Macchiato, Hornsgatan 63, Stockholm, Sweden
Pizza May 1-2 London Hack Weekend May 2010, London, UK
Conference Apr 26-27 GeoForum MV, Rostock, Germany
Social Apr 27 OSM-Treffen Bonn, Germany
Social Apr 28 Mappertreffen Düsseldorf, Germany
Social Apr 29 NFE-Treffen, Germany
Mapping party Apr 24 Witham Mapping Party, Essex, UK
Social Apr 21 Karlsruhe, Germany
Social Apr 21 Evening mapping and pub, Holborn, London, UK
Social Apr 20 Göttingen/Stammtisch, Germany
Social Apr 20 Lüneburg/Mappertreffen, Germany
Social Apr 20 München Monthly Meeting, Germany
Social Apr 19 OSM-Stammtisch-Odenwald, Michelstadt, Germany
Social Apr 18 Stammtisch Hannover, Germany
Meeting Apr 18 OSM-gettogether in Århus, Denmark
Social Apr 18 1. Zürcher OSM-Grillparty, Switzerland
Social Apr 18 Cluj-Napoca Mapping Party, Romania
Mapping party Apr 17/18 München/Mapping-Wochenende Frühjahr 2010, Munich, Germany
Mapping party Apr 17 Brisbane Micro Mapping Party, Brisbane, Australia
Mapping party Apr 17 Mappa Mercia SatMap, Kidderminster, UK
Mapping party Apr 17 Three Counties Mapping Party, Haslemere, UK
Mapping party Apr 17 Prvi mapping party Slavonije i Baranje, Osijek, Croatia
Pizza Apr 17 Crisis Camp London, UK
Social Apr 16 OSM-Treffen Essen im Unperfekthaus, Germany
Social Apr 15 OSM-Stammtisch Ingolstadt, Germany
Social Apr 15 OSM-Stammtisch Innsbruck, Austria
Conference Apr 14 OSM at gvSIG days, Italy
Pizza Apr 14–16 Wikimedia Developer's Workshop (e.g. Maps on WP), Berlin, Germany
Social Apr 14 OSM-Stammtisch Erfurt, Germany
Social Apr 13 Bremer Mappertreffen, Germany
Social Apr 13 Hamburger Mappertreffen, Germany
Social Apr 13 Coffee klatch Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Social Mar 31 Mappertreffen Düsseldorf, Germany
Conference Mar 31 OSM booth at Where 2.0,San Jose,United States
Conference Mar 31 Deadline for early bird SOTM registrations
Speaking Mar 29 Vortrag für Einsteiger zu OpenStreetMap in der LUG Aalen, Aalen, Germany
Mapping party Mar 20 Marikina Mapping Party, Philippines
Mapping party Mar 20 World Cup Mapping Party, Johannesburg, South Africa
Conference Mar 19 Google Mapping Party Minsk hijack, place [2], [3]
Social Mar 17 Karlsruhe, Germany
Social Mar 17 Stammtisch Kreis Düren, Germany
Social Mar 16 Esslingen/Treffen, Germany
Social Mar 16 Lüneburg/Mappertreffen, Germany
Social Mar 16 München Monthly Meeting, Germany - neuer Treffpunkt!
Social Mar 16 Edinburgh#Social_Events, Scotland
Social Mar 16 Stammtisch Kreis Viersen, Germany
Social Mar 15 OSM-Treffen Essen im Unperfekthaus, Germany
Social Mar 15 Stammtisch Hannover, Germany
Mapping party Mar 9 Loughborough University Mapping Project, UK
Social Mar 9 Hamburger Mappertreffen, Germany
Social Mar 9 London/Winter_2009-2010_Pub_Meetup, London
Social Mar 10 1.Reutlinger Mappertreffen, Germany
Social Feb 24 Stammtisch Kreis Düren, Germany
Social Feb 24 London pub meet-up Paddington. UK
Social Feb 25 NFE-Treffen, Germany
Conference Feb 25 GeoMV-Vortragsreihe,Rostock, Germany
Conference Feb 26-27 OSC2010 Tokyo Spring Tokyo, Japan
Social Feb 27 Map Party 2 Taipei, Taiwan
Mapping party Feb 28 Marburger Mapping Party, Germany
Social Mar 2 OSM-Treff Heilbronn, Germany
Social Mar 3 Waterloo OSM Meetup Ontario, Canada
Social Feb 23 München Monthly Meeting, Germany (geänderter Termin wg. Fasching!)
Social Feb 23 Bonn/Stammtisch, Germany
Conference Feb 22 Haiti OSM Project @ OpenSociety, Ruvo di Puglia, Apulia, Italy
Pizza Feb 20 Crisis Camp London mini hack day. UK
Meeting Feb 20 Spanish 3rd anniversary party (Ávila)
Social Feb 19 Stammtisch Salzburg, Austria
Social Feb 16, 19 h Lueneburger Mappertreffen, Germany
Social Feb 16, 19:30 h Glasgow#Social_Events, Scotland
Mapping party Feb 16, 11 h Toledo workshop, Spain
Social Feb 17, 5:30pm Denver, USA - facebook event page
Social Feb 17, 19 h Karlsruhe, Germany
Social Feb 9, 19 h Hamburger Mappertreffen, Germany
Social Feb 8 Rostocker Treffen, Germany
Mapping party Feb 7 San Francisco Mapping Party, San Francisco, California, USA
Speaking Feb 6, Noon Glasgow#Social_Events, Scotland
Mapping party Feb 6-7 Sao Paulo MP, Brazil
Conference Feb 6 OSM@Bollenti Spiriti Camp 2009, Bari, Italy
Conference Feb 5-7 Horizont OUTDOOR 2010, Germany
Social Jan 27 Pub meet-up in Bayswater, London, UK
Social Jan 27 5 à 7 de la GéoInformation, Lausanne, Switzerland
Social Jan 26 Stammtisch Bonn, Germany
Mapping party Jan 23 Mapping Party in Troisdorf, Germany
Conference Jan 23 OSC2010 Oita Oita, Japan
Social Jan 21 #Geomob January (now featuring Mikel talk on Haiti) London, UK
Social Jan 20, 19 h Karlsruhe, Germany
Social Jan 20 Stammtisch Kreis Düren, Germany
Social Jan 19, 19 h Lueneburger Mappertreffen, Germany
Social Jan 19, 19 h München Monthly Meeting, Germany
Mapping party Jan 16, 14.00 OSM Workshop, Zürich, Switzerland
Mapping party Jan 16 CrisisCamp Haiti (DC, LA, NYC, London, Colorado, Silicon Valley)
Mapping party Jan 16 Brisbane, Australia
Social Jan 16, 19h Thema Wanderwege beim OSM-Treff, Essen, Germany
Social Jan 15, 18 h Stammtisch Hannover, Germany
Social Jan 14 Stammtisch Schorndorf, Germany
Social Jan 14, 19 h Stammtisch Berlin, Germany
Social Jan 13 8. Wiener Stammtisch, Austria
Social Jan 12, 19 h Hamburger Mappertreffen, Germany
Social Jan 11, 19 h Rostocker Treffen, Germany
Mapping party Jan 10 Map the National Mall, Washington DC
Social Jan 10 Nieuwjaarsborrel, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Social Jan 7 10.Lübecker Mappertreffen, Germany
Social Jan 7 Stammtisch Dresden, Germany
Speaking Jan 7 Vortrag über OSM, Troisdorf, Germany
Social Jan 5, 19 h OSM-Treff Heilbronn, Germany
Social Jan 5, 18 h Treffen der Gruppe Kreis Kleve, Kleve, Germany