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December 2005 - GDACS Workshop, EC JRC Ispra

User:Mikel spoke about OSM at the GDACS (global disaster and alert coordination system) technical meeting raising the idea of OSM for disaster response. This is seen as the conception of HOT.

29 November 2005 - Manchester Uni Dept. of Geography

User:Steve spoke to people at Manchester Uni.

26 November 2005 - Digital Mapping exploring the Greenwich Peninsula in London

User:Steve spoke at Independent Photography, Rothbury Hall, Greenwich about OSM

2 October 2005 - WSFII

User:Beng spoke about OpenStreetMap at WSFII

An MP3 is available

6 September 2005 - SoC Cambridge

User:Steve spoke about OpenStreetMap at the Society of Cartographers 41st Annual Summer School, held at the University of Cambridge.

5 August 2005 - UKUUG Linux Developers Conference

User:Steve spoke about OpenStreetMap at the UKUUG LDC:

30 July 2005 - What The Hack

User:Steve and User:Beng spoke about OpenStreetMap at WhatTheHack in the Netherlands. Watch a 400 meg video here: This video will be taken down and replaced with a smaller version ASAP.

23 July 2005 - NTK OpenTech

User:Steve spoke about openstreetmap at OpenTech. There is a video here, if it goes away get in touch with User:Steve who can put another copy up.

20 July 2005 - dorkbotlondon

User:TomC spoke about GPS maps at dorkbotlondon. Steve and Saul have both spoken about Open mapping / OpenStreetMap at dorkbot before.

17 July 2005 - Map Limehouse

Map Limehouse Event 2005 - Limehouse Town Hall had an open day on the 16 and 17 July, which was a big bonanza of communidee activities, a bbq, a tombola, plus collaborative cartography of various sorts. During the day the 10 workstation linux lab and however much mobile equipment we were able to put together between us was put into service to map as much of the area as we possible. ...more details

14 April 2005 - OpenGeodata forum

User:Steve spoke about OpenStreetMap. Hear the audio here: (broken link)