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See Fi:Key:place (in Finnish) for details on definitions. They generally obey the English equivalents.

Municipalities, cities and Towns

Finland has been divided into municipalities that have well defined administrative borders and authority over the area. The number of municipalities compared to the population results with a large number of small entities by population. The English city/town terms does not map directly to the terms used in Finland, as each municipality may independently decide on city/town status (that has no legal meaning) and there may be multiple towns in a municipality. There are more than 100 cities, smallest having only slightly more than 1000 population. To make the map less crowded we mark the smaller cities as towns.

As of 1.1.2009, there are 348 municipalities and of these 113 are cities. Every now and then mergers reduce count, even if the towns remain.

Municipality Borders

Proper border information would be the preferred way to decide in what municipality a feature is located in. Some municipality borders does exist already so features inside these would not need is_in as it's error prone and does not have a strict hierarchy. Unfortunately we don't have border information for all municipalities yet so for those that are without we must still use a proper is_in tag for features.

Progress on entities

Cities and Towns

See city pages for detailed progress information and maps. Please add yourself and the place(s) you are working on.

City/Kaupunki (Fi) Stad (Sv) Progress/Coverage Who Comments
Espoo (Map) Esbo Very good User:Onion,User:Jukkas Progress very good. Yahoo! Aerial Imagery available.
Forssa (Map) Some major roads only User:Onion
Halikko (Map) Some major roads in the centre, area of Märynummi contains all roads User:Jupis
Hamina (Map) Fredrikshamn ? ?
Heinola (Map) Some roads. ?
Helsinki (Map) Helsingfors Very good User:Toki,User:Jku, User:Bergie and unknowns. Progress very good. Pretty good POIs coverage. Yahoo! Aerial Imagery available except for the new area gained from Sipoo.
Hyvinkää (Map) Hyvinge Good ?
Hämeenlinna (map) Tavastehus Very good User:boozeman Rapid progress. Almost all of the suburban areas ready. About 90% of all driveable streets traced and drawed. Good POIs coverage. Cycleways next in queue.
Imatra (Map) Some major roads only. Karhukallio suburb done.
Iisalmi (Map) Idensalmi
Joensuu (Map) Good Lumikko, JiiPeeG, User:paxed and others
Jämsä (Map) Some roads User:Onion, ij Nearly all roads of northern Länkipohja (was recently merged into Jämsä)
Järvenpää (Map) Träskända Good User:juhe and others
Jyväskylä (Map) Good - Good coverage. A bit messy, though, too many nodes - and they're all tagged!
Kaarina (Map) S:t Karins Good User:Onion
Kajaani (Map) Kajana Central is ready la4de Residential areas need more work.
Kaskinen (Map) Kaskö Good
Keitele (Map) User:Manaryde
Kemi (Map) Good ?
Kerava (Map) Kervo Probably close to 90%, good coverage on all types of roads User:juhe, hyrava, Tolstoi21 and others Began mapping all the houses in Savio, Kannisto and Koivikko, will probably begin doing that to Sompio in early 2010
Kokkola (Map) Karleby Very good User:Onion, User:Lazzko Poor coverage in Kälviä, Lohtaja, Ullava and Öja.
Kotka (Map)
Kauhajoki (Map) Good ?
Kauniainen (Map) Grankulla Very good ?
Kouvola (Map) Some roads User:kenkku
Kristiinankaupunki (Map) Kristinestad Good
Kuopio (Map) Good ? City center pretty good
Kuusamo (Map) Good ?
Lahti (Map) Lahtis Good. About 60% of residential roads mapped. JupeL, User:jrutila, User:procy0n, ninnnu, doni, mace, finosm500 There is at least two mappers contributing almost every day. Since 2009-12-11 the aerial imaginery from Lahti is used to map buildings, missing streets, coastlines, landuse etc..
Lappeenranta (Map) Villmanstrand Good ?
Lieksa (Map) Very good ?
Lohja (Map) Lojo Good
Loviisa (Map) Lovisa Some major roads only
Mikkeli (Map) S:t Michel Some roads
Naantali (Map) Nådendal Very Good Unknown Major roads and city center.
Nokia (Map) Very good ?
Orivesi (Map) Some roads
Oulu (Map) Uleåborg Good User:Cooz,User:Pfr Some of the suburbs almost complete, most have some data
Paimio (Map) Pemar Some major roads only User:Onion
Pietarsaari (Map) Jakobstad Very good User:Onion, User:Juhaz Rapid progress
Pori (Map) Björneborg Some major roads, a couple streets User:Onion, User:PolarFox
Porvoo (Map) Borgå Good User:Onion,User:RS
Raahe (Map) Brahestad
Raisio (Map) Reso Only a few roads. ?
Rauma (Map) Raumo Nearly all streets are done. Acex, Oh1gwk, Plenz Many POIs need to be added.
Riihimäki (Map) Only a few roads. ?
Rovaniemi (Map) Rapid progress. ?
Saarijärvi (Map) Good ?
Salo (Map) Some major roads and streets. User:Teemu_m, User:Jupis Steady progress.
Savonlinna (Map) Nyslott City centre and west side forming up User:Manuska East side needs lots of work
Seinäjoki (Map) Major roads + Some areas covered. ?
Tammisaari (Map) Ekenäs Good ?
Tampere (Map) Tammerfors Very good User:Kvalo,User:Mta,User:LH, User:Sparkly, User:Rammer and unknown(s).
Tikkakoski (Map) . . arimo64, Lulu-Ann See OSM for the blind, help here: [1]
Tornio (Map) Torneå Good str
Turku (Map) Åbo Pretty good User:Onion Major roads and city center fully mapped soon. Pretty good POIs coverage.
Vaasa (Map) Vasa City center and some suburbs pretty good User:Lansion, User:Onion, User:Juhaz, User:jobster Under rapid progress. Suburbs closest to the city center and all major roads finished.
Sastamala (Map) Valtaties and seututies, most of yhdysties; centre ok, few suburbs very good. Thv, Galactic
Vantaa (Map) Vanda Very good User:Rakshasa Progress very good. Yahoo! Aerial Imagery available.
Varkaus (Map)
Ylöjärvi (Map) Good
Ypäjä (Map) Some major roads only User:Onion


Municipality/Kunta (Fi) Kommun (Sv) Progress/Coverage Who Comments
Hattula (Map) Started Boozeman Some major roads, Suburban of Katinala
Hollola (Map) Varying degrees Nikerabbit Some places with good detail, but mostly only biggest roads
Kirkkonummi (Map) Kyrkslätt KriXu Many details missing
Kittilä (Map) Minimal alv, ? Some roads only, the Sirkka village at Levi a bit better.
Luumäki (Map) Minimal rhk Most roads of the town centre, some POIs, some smaller roads.
Luvia (Map) Minimal Onion Only some major roads around it (Valtatie 8, Kuivalahdentie)
Muonio (Map) Started alv, ? National highways and few local roads. Little coverage at municipality center, mostly stubs.
Muurame (Map) Good ?
Mäntsälä (Map) Central is ready Dtoksi
Nurmijärvi (Map) Very good ? Both Klaukkala and the City
Renko (Map) Rengo Started Boozeman Some major and tertiary roads
Siilinjärvi (Map) Central is ready la4de
Sipoo (Map) Sibbo Minimal ?
Teuva (Map) Östermark Minimal ?
Tuusula (South,North) Tusby Some roads hyrava, la4de and others
Puumala (Map) Started Herbert


We have too many of these to list here. Some can be found here.


We have too many of these to list. So far most, if not all, have been traced from landsat images. If coastline length gets over 500 nodes or some map tiles full of lake appear as land, consider using natural=coastline.

Top 10 from Wikipedia:

Place Name Location km² Finished Remarks
1 Saimaa Etelä-Karjala, Etelä-Savo 4 377,05 60% Rapid progress tons of islands yet missing
2 Päijänne Keski-Suomi, Päijät-Häme 1 080,63 ? some or many islands missing
3 Inarijärvi Inari 1 040,28 100% minor islands are missing
4 Oulujärvi Kainuu    928,09 95% some minor islands are missing
5 Pielinen Pohjois-Karjala    894,21 0%
6 Pihlajavesi Puumala    712,59 0%
7 Orivesi Savonranta    601,30 0%
8 Haukivesi Savonlinna    562,31 0%
9 Keitele Äänekoski ja Viitasaari    493,59 ? only Ala-Keitele 100%
10 Kallavesi Kuopio    472,76 10%